A whole new world :)

We are going towards lighter times, though it may not feel like it when we look at the world around us. This is why looking within takes precedence, cos what we feel within is what is going to help! If you are part of any spiritual circles, you would have heard how the dense energies... Continue Reading →

On difficult conversations

One finds a lot of hesitancy in people to open up and be fully/truly them. This is obviously a learnt behaviour. Why is 'hypocrisy' a given? Because people fear that they will be blamed, shamed, judged, criticised, and what not. They feel unsafe to be who they are, just as they are. The beauty of... Continue Reading →

Navigating A Diverse World

The Unmistakables, a UK based Diversity and Inclusion firm published 'The Diversity & Confusion Report' recently, where they draw attention to how certain %ge of people still feel unincluded in D&I narratives, how few others don't involve themselves for saying the wrong thing, while certain others don't feel the need to participate, among others. (Check... Continue Reading →

Sensitivity Is A Strength Says Author, I agree!

A friend shared a book called ‘Sensitive is the New Strong’ by Anita Moorjani, a book focused on handling sensitivity for empaths. I don’t read too much into labels because we are more than any of the labels that define us. However, living with sensitivity is not easy… (Even then: I would still any day... Continue Reading →

Can we be truly non-violent?

I have never understood why a deer has to be eaten for a lion to survive, or why should the ticks be killed for the dogs to have a healthy life. I spent a major part of this year on the question of non-violence and understanding deeper layers of inclusivity. Apart from cockroaches, mosquitoes, and... Continue Reading →

Is there an Ultimate Guide To Inclusivity?

Diversity and Inclusion are hot topics in the corporate world today, and that goes to show how our personal, professional and spiritual lives are more similar than separate. Because at the end of the day that is what they are 'labels', while in fact there are truly no distinctions. This brings me to the topic... Continue Reading →

What is winning: divinity OR mind?

While I am someone who looks to steer clear of all labels, so I don't indirectly make way for exclusion, this post is for the theists out there. No doubt pandemic is a hard time, but the following issue is something that plagues our minds even at other times. Since this has been catching my... Continue Reading →

Of exclusion, fear and violence!

This pandemic is a good time for us to understand what causes fear, violence and exclusion in our world.

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