Can we be truly non-violent?

I have never understood why a deer has to be eaten for a lion to survive, or why should the ticks be killed for the dogs to have a healthy life. I spent a major part of this year on the question of non-violence and understanding deeper layers of inclusivity. Apart from cockroaches, mosquitoes, and... Continue Reading →

Is there an Ultimate Guide To Inclusivity?

Diversity and Inclusion are hot topics in the corporate world today, and that goes to show how our personal, professional and spiritual lives are more similar than separate. Because at the end of the day that is what they are 'labels', while in fact there are truly no distinctions. This brings me to the topic... Continue Reading →

What is winning: divinity OR mind?

While I am someone who looks to steer clear of all labels, so I don't indirectly make way for exclusion, this post is for the theists out there. No doubt pandemic is a hard time, but the following issue is something that plagues our minds even at other times. Since this has been catching my... Continue Reading →

Of exclusion, fear and violence!

This pandemic is a good time for us to understand what causes fear, violence and exclusion in our world.

Ekam evadvitiyam brahma

[The Truth is One, without a second]Chandogya Upanishad This hymn was precisely the sentiments of the morning air, as my husband and I went on our usual morning stroll with our dog. Lily, Tantri, Pluto and Johnny walked along with us: running, playing, sniffing, exploring the sunny world around them. Lily is missing the huddle...... Continue Reading →

Why We Do What We Do

What is it that drives you in life to make a difference? Does it really matter?

Are You a Harbinger of Change or Silent Accomplice?

"I hope you don't find answers to your questions, because if you do, you will settle."These were the parting words of my therapist friend, after we were discussing the hues of oppression. I don't get how 'oppression' of any kind exists even today, but they do, and how very much so. Being one of those... Continue Reading →

All work and no play? Meet Brightful!

I started working remotely long before the pandemic forced its way into our lives, and one of the things I missed the most was the 'human touch'. Thanks to 2020: we now have people talking about 'fake commute', how remote work tends to blur the lines between personal and professional lives, or how people are... Continue Reading →

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