Beyond the oppressive play!

Ours is a world that is currently afflicted by the fear of the pandemic corona virus, at one end, and each of our own internal storylines at the other. With so many balls up in the air, it seemingly becomes rather sensible to tackle the balls, rather than winding down into the bird's eye view.... Continue Reading →

To a friendly neighbourhood…

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened!" is a quote I could swear by, for having Phoebe has helped me understand the animal world a lot more, which would have been otherwise unlikely... Probably, the weight of this quote may not reach those who haven't lived with a pet... Continue Reading →

Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 8

It is 2018, and as society, we have all become much more conscious of what goes into the system. We've come to appreciate 'wellness' as a way of life. There is understanding, awareness - and let's say there are trials, triumphs and fails, as we attempt to make the right habit stick. That is why... Continue Reading →


The following post has stayed in my draft for an year now, and revisiting it today, after a long holiday, I can see how I need to put this thought out there!  Waiting, we said, is a beautiful word. 'Routine’, we might say, does not sound as much beautiful. It is one of those words... Continue Reading →


  'Waiting' is a beautiful word. When we look up the word 'wait' in dictionary, it reads:"stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event" We all wait in our lives for something, for someone, don't we? For the perfect job. For the perfect spouse. For the society to deem as... Continue Reading →

Going beyond…

Robert Frost once wrote: "Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference." What a classic line that is, for a century later we all still relate to it. In the August of 2013, Krishnashtami day, my Master told me to come and live... Continue Reading →

Pati, Patni, Aur Parampurush #3

While studying in SSSIHL, rock, blues or pop music during the darshan lines meant listening to Dana Gillespie. Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate of Lightstorm Group strode in later. So when Love Fire was part of today's playlist, C pointing out this was originally sung by Lightstorm group was no surprise. Here is Love Fire for your listening pleasure: Singers: Priyanth and Chandu // Lyrics: Lightstorm //... Continue Reading →

Of a life beyond ‘labels’ – 3

Post the heart-breaking CNN video, and Hony's War Veteran series, I stumbled upon the sentiments/outpouring of a Pakistani citizen, the animal vs. human debate in NY Times, and few other related articles this past week. Either in the articles or in the comments section, there is very often a debate, an insult, or insinuation, whatever people seem befit to pull the other party down. It... Continue Reading →

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