Of a life beyond ‘labels’ – 3

Post the heart-breaking CNN video, and Hony's War Veteran series, I stumbled upon the sentiments/outpouring of a Pakistani citizen, the animal vs. human debate in NY Times, and few other related articles this past week. Either in the articles or in the comments section, there is very often a debate, an insult, or insinuation, whatever people seem befit to pull the other party down. It … Continue reading Of a life beyond ‘labels’ – 3

Sathya Sai connection this Krishnashtami!

Most of the people in my circle know I have a huge crush on Krishna. I love Him so much that even during some mundane affairs, say if I am watching a scary movie, I visualise hugging Him, and go about watching it. He is my lover boy, if I may call Him that, and … Continue reading Sathya Sai connection this Krishnashtami!

Of death: for we are one.

|| We are all one, and so the joy || We are all one, and so the pain || We were out this past Sunday, to buy relief supplies for Uttarakhand flood victims: a few of us friends wanted to do our bit to the world, and started this mini service group 'ripple', a couple of … Continue reading Of death: for we are one.

To you, my all… (24th April, 2011)

[As my guru Sri Sathya Sai left His physical body...] Million times I have sat Bhagwan to write about you, to write for you, but this time, I am out of words… Shall I start with an ‘I love you’ that should keep me going, don’t you think? So how are you doing? Missing us, … Continue reading To you, my all… (24th April, 2011)

Can one defy death?

I wonder if it takes death to make us realize the value of our lives, or that of our loved ones. A blogger I know (IHM) lost her 19-year-old girl to dengue. We keep saying its 21st century, the world is advancing, so much has been developed in the field of science and technology, yada, yada, yet … Continue reading Can one defy death?