Sathya Sai connection this Krishnashtami!

Most of the people in my circle know I have a huge crush on Krishna. I love Him so much that even during some mundane affairs, say if I am watching a scary movie, I visualise hugging Him, and go about watching it. He is my lover boy, if I may call Him that, and … Continue reading Sathya Sai connection this Krishnashtami!

Devdutt's Yahoo post: in love with the nitty-gritties!

It was just yesterday when Mr. C sent a yahoo link titled Hearing Sita's silence, written by one Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik, and I have gone all rapt. The author writes about Ram, Krishna, Draupadi & Sita, and the different ways through which each of them uphold dharma. The post is an absolute beauty, and a … Continue reading Devdutt's Yahoo post: in love with the nitty-gritties!

Of meeting the ‘One’!

I have been waiting, you know, for you. It was not for a day, a week, or even few summers, I think I have always waited, and as have you. Thoughts I have had a million, ramblings in hundreds, blog posts a dozen, as my fascination for you has never ceased. Is it plain intriguing … Continue reading Of meeting the ‘One’!

The Surprise package!

If love came in footballs, I would have gone to Germany. If love came in cheese, I would have gone to Swiss. If love came in coffee, I would have gone to Brazil. If love came in art, I would have gone to Italy... but love came as you, and I have nowhere to go, … Continue reading The Surprise package!

Monday blues

Do you miss me as much as I miss you? What do you do when you think about me?! Do you smile?! Do you chuckle?! Do you nod your head with hopelessness?! I so wish that I can get into your mind and see me, as you see me – my divine lover! Sunday Night (22:00 hours) Pari … Continue reading Monday blues

The ‘Parkadal’ cruise

If I ever run out of the sweet little things in my life, I know where to come to get my share of sweetness! Saturday (09:00 hours) It was one of those exciting days for Pari, as she was heading towards her friend Krishna’s place. Kay, as she fondly calls, was quite the lazy head … Continue reading The ‘Parkadal’ cruise