The following post has stayed in my draft for an year now, and revisiting it today, after a long holiday, I can see how I need to put this thought out there!  Waiting, we said, is a beautiful word. 'Routine’, we might say, does not sound as much beautiful. It is one of those words … Continue reading Routine


  'Waiting' is a beautiful word. When we look up the word 'wait' in dictionary, it reads:"stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event" We all wait in our lives for something, for someone, don't we? For the perfect job. For the perfect spouse. For the society to deem as … Continue reading Waiting.

Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Last morning, Swati, my junior from the SSSIHL campus, shared a blog post: ‘Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA’. The title will have you gobsmacked, but the author talks of the evident consciousness shift that is about to happen in our world, and how Donald Trump will play a key role in … Continue reading Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels

[Blogged first at FB] I have not written anything in months, but today just seemed like it. Let’s start with a few observations. Shall we? 1. Just yesterday, I was following Aya’s story in Humans of New York. Brandon is posting a 11 part story of this Syrian refugee, whose VISA was rejected by the … Continue reading Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels

Of anger, emotions and how world problems are a learning!

“Why didn’t Bheeshma help me in the sabha even when he saw how much I suffered?” “Bheeshma thought too deeply about the laws of men. It paralyzed him. He wasn’t sure whether you were already Duryodhan’s property – in which case he had no right to intervene. But sometimes one has to drop logic and … Continue reading Of anger, emotions and how world problems are a learning!

Where do we belong? Is that even important?

Belonging to something/someone has its bane, whether you like it or not, the moment you belong to something, something else almost always alienates you instantly. That’s how the world works! For the past months, I was constantly coming across these clear contrasts, and how each one was voicing for their side. Here are a few: … Continue reading Where do we belong? Is that even important?

Letter 22: To the someone I want to give a second chance to!

Dear people of the world, Ask someone who lost a limb in a hit and run accident, ask the ghostly remains of a suicider, ask a childless parent, or a fatherless child, ask a widower or a divorcee, ask a kid who lost a scholarship, and thereby his chances to study, ask the ones who are … Continue reading Letter 22: To the someone I want to give a second chance to!