That feeling when you miss someone’s wedding…

Like a growing ember which fades away with every gust of wind   Like a fresh clay art that loses the form in the rich tryst with rain   like the infinite sky which drops its hue to one recurring spell of darkness   like the radiant light which falls a prey to the same … Continue reading That feeling when you miss someone’s wedding…

Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Last morning, Swati, my junior from the SSSIHL campus, shared a blog post: ‘Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA’. The title will have you gobsmacked, but the author talks of the evident consciousness shift that is about to happen in our world, and how Donald Trump will play a key role in … Continue reading Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Pati, Patni, Aur Parampurush #2

Ah. Music. Who is not fond of it? It sure is the poetry of the air! Brought up in a TamBrahm setting, December is that time of the year that calls for music and more music. While I have no prowess in humming a song, or strumming the guitar, I had a Quid pro quo with my … Continue reading Pati, Patni, Aur Parampurush #2

Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels

[Blogged first at FB] I have not written anything in months, but today just seemed like it. Let’s start with a few observations. Shall we? 1. Just yesterday, I was following Aya’s story in Humans of New York. Brandon is posting a 11 part story of this Syrian refugee, whose VISA was rejected by the … Continue reading Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels

Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

"Cometh we, in this auspicious hour Sitting embraced in Thy ever-jubilant love Reflecting, reminiscing Thy regal life Or humming humbly Thy hallowed glory In Your merry mellifluous voice, Thee then whisper Awakening us affably to angelic acuity “Auspicious: Isn’t every hour, bangaru? and each moment momentous!” Gather we again, another hour Discussing, dissecting or defining … Continue reading Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

The Master, some prayers and an experience!

On this year’s Mahasamadhi day, I wrote how Sathya Sai Baba let me experience different shades of love in a matter of 5 hours. Today, not until I completed the below post, I knew I was writing about the potency of prayer. How He answered all those unfiltered thoughts that rose in my head in … Continue reading The Master, some prayers and an experience!

Nija Bhaktha Hrdaya Vihari: Sri Sai Natha Deva! (24th April, 2015)

24th of April every year will have an iconic significance in each Saiyan's life. Few of us might celebrate the day, few others might reminisce, and few others might even be choked and teary eyed. However one may express his/her emotion, the day would be about Him.   I too have had range of emotions playing … Continue reading Nija Bhaktha Hrdaya Vihari: Sri Sai Natha Deva! (24th April, 2015)