Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

“Cometh we, in this auspicious hour
Sitting embraced in Thy ever-jubilant love
Reflecting, reminiscing Thy regal life
Or humming humbly Thy hallowed glory

In Your merry mellifluous voice, Thee then whisper
Awakening us affably to angelic acuity
“Auspicious: Isn’t every hour, bangaru?
and each moment momentous!”

Gather we again, another hour
Discussing, dissecting or defining
Pulsating or plummeting with each point
Flattering foolishly our farced fixation

In Your golden ochre garment, Thee then glide
Arresting our agitated mind with Godly accord
“Uncertain: Isn’t everything, bangaru?
and each an erudite edification!”

Cometh Thee likewise, ever so continually
Our Sovereign, Our succour, Our strength
Illuminating our ignorant ways – But know we not
to clasp and cleanse with Conscious constancy

With prayer to Thee, our gentle god for guidance
Grant us -Thy sagacity to seek such spiritual splendour;
Equanimity to evolve with self-effacing resolve, and a far-reaching
fragrant love that forever flowers in the world’s altar.”


Sathya Sai – What He means to me?


The Master, some prayers and an experience!

On this year’s Mahasamadhi day, I wrote how Sathya Sai Baba let me experience different shades of love in a matter of 5 hours. Today, not until I completed the below post, I knew I was writing about the potency of prayer. How He answered all those unfiltered thoughts that rose in my head in the past 5 days, and made me realise even they were a prayer. How today was just like the 24th of April where He took over the keyboard 🙂

Over to the entry:

While looking to add a picture of Swami in this post, I landed up in Radio Sai, where I usually never look for pictures. Guess what I found there - a photo series that says "When Paramatma decides to pen down"! Oh these little 'Sai'incidences :)

While looking to add a picture of Swami in this post, I landed up in Radio Sai, where I usually never look for pictures. Guess what I found there – a photo series that says “When Paramatma decides to pen down”! Oh these little ‘Sai’incidences 🙂

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So what? (an open letter on the insider controversy)

I was watching a science fiction movie the other day called ‘The Man from Earth‘. The protagonist claims that he has lived for thousands of years, and what happens then is the rest of the story. There is a particular scene where he says that he was called Jesus Christ for a while, when he tried to bring teachings of Gautama Buddha to the west, offending rather badly, a faith of a fellow Christian in the room.

“…And only when, we love all men, can we partake of  God’s love”

The world we live now is a fiction too, an illusion (maya) that manifested at His will.

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Nija Bhaktha Hrdaya Vihari: Sri Sai Natha Deva! (24th April, 2015)

24th of April every year will have an iconic significance in each Saiyan’s life. Few of us might celebrate the day, few others might reminisce, and few others might even be choked and teary eyed. However one may express his/her emotion, the day would be about Him.

sathya sai darsan

Our Sai ❤


I too have had range of emotions playing within me each year.

Here is: 2011. 2013. 2014. I assure you, I didn’t leave 2012 by mistake, I will come to that in a while. Before that:

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Sonna Vannam seitha perumal (The Lord who did as told)!

I owe my faith to my father. He has been the one who taught me the ABCs of all that I am today. For a week now, I was being constantly reminded of a particular story that appa used to narrate to us kids, so animatedly.

It’s a fabulous story, with stellar poetry. I kept enjoying it within me, but there always comes a point beyond which you know there is more. Likewise, this story of Lord Vishnu got me thinking, and I wondered the pertinence behind the reminder. The story revolves around Thirumizhisai Alwar.

[Trivia: Alwar means one who is immersed in the Lord. There were 12 such Alwars in Tamil Nadu, known for their love and service to Lord Vishnu]

This is how the story goes:

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Sathya Sai: Agnanam Brahma?

Walking towards Mandir this morning, earlier than 9’0 clock, gave me a rush. It felt like those good old days, when darshan didn’t just mean 9’o clock mandir bajans. To be honest, I missed His form today too, but I didn’t miss Him like how I did this past Krishnashtami.

I could sense Him around, and that had me at peace. So I was up and about, thinking of my Guru in His yellow robe. There He was – darting across through the darshan lines, dancing to the Tyagaraja Keertis, sometimes in His robe, sometimes in His pitambaram. Wah! It felt splendourous.

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Of Veda cravings, butterfly effect, and a radio show on ARMY!

I was in my final year when ARMY (Athi Rudra Maha Yagna) happened at Parti. It’s a joyous recollection for more than the obvious reason of the yajna itself. When I joined Anantapur, the Saiyan experiences were brand new from an organisational/university perspective.

The setback rubbed in, when I didn’t know the Prayers/Vedas/the usual Saiyanness, which many other kids in the University did. I liked what the Vedas did within me, just that I didn’t know them well enough to chant. By the end of first semester, I was desperately praying to Swami, and asked my senior Kalyani Rao, if she would teach. We agreed to pick it up in second semester.

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