Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

"Cometh we, in this auspicious hour Sitting embraced in Thy ever-jubilant love Reflecting, reminiscing Thy regal life Or humming humbly Thy hallowed glory In Your merry mellifluous voice, Thee then whisper Awakening us affably to angelic acuity “Auspicious: Isn’t every hour, bangaru? and each moment momentous!” Gather we again, another hour Discussing, dissecting or defining... Continue Reading →

The Master, some prayers and an experience!

On this year’s Mahasamadhi day, I wrote how Sathya Sai Baba let me experience different shades of love in a matter of 5 hours. Today, not until I completed the below post, I knew I was writing about the potency of prayer. How He answered all those unfiltered thoughts that rose in my head in... Continue Reading →

Nija Bhaktha Hrdaya Vihari: Sri Sai Natha Deva! (24th April, 2015)

24th of April every year will have an iconic significance in each Saiyan's life. Few of us might celebrate the day, few others might reminisce, and few others might even be choked and teary eyed. However one may express his/her emotion, the day would be about Him.   I too have had range of emotions playing... Continue Reading →

Sonna Vannam seitha perumal (The Lord who did as told)!

I owe my faith to my father. He has been the one who taught me the ABCs of all that I am today. For a week now, I was being constantly reminded of a particular story that appa used to narrate to us kids, so animatedly. It's a fabulous story, with stellar poetry. I kept... Continue Reading →

Sathya Sai: Agnanam Brahma?

Walking towards Mandir this morning, earlier than 9'0 clock, gave me a rush. It felt like those good old days, when darshan didn't just mean 9'o clock mandir bajans. To be honest, I missed His form today too, but I didn't miss Him like how I did this past Krishnashtami. I could sense Him around,... Continue Reading →

Of Veda cravings, butterfly effect, and a radio show on ARMY!

I was in my final year when ARMY (Athi Rudra Maha Yagna) happened at Parti. It's a joyous recollection for more than the obvious reason of the yajna itself. When I joined Anantapur, the Saiyan experiences were brand new from an organisational/university perspective. The setback rubbed in, when I didn't know the Prayers/Vedas/the usual Saiyanness,... Continue Reading →

The little things He does!

I have a habit of going beyond listening to a song sometime. I like to see how relevant, filmy, absurd, poetic it is than merely enjoy its notes. This morning playlist after playlist lead me to ABBA. As I started playing it, I looked to see how well it applies to my relationship with my Guru. Immediately, this... Continue Reading →

Sathya Sai connection this Krishnashtami!

Most of the people in my circle know I have a huge crush on Krishna. I love Him so much that even during some mundane affairs, say if I am watching a scary movie, I visualise hugging Him, and go about watching it. He is my lover boy, if I may call Him that, and... Continue Reading →

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