That feeling when you miss someone’s wedding…

Like a growing ember

which fades away

with every gust of wind


Like a fresh clay art

that loses the form

in the rich tryst with rain


like the infinite sky

which drops its hue

to one recurring spell of darkness


like the radiant light

which falls a prey

to the same obscure madness


like the rolling dry land

that floats away


like the tender, new leaves

that looks to stay


lost and found, i am

several times, oh brother


ebbing away

in the train of thoughts


and then pulled behind

by the present plots


battling, twirling

in my mind’s eye


orbiting, oscillating

the Chennai sky


for a brother so sweet,

is tying the thread

and i am not around

to see you wed…


with regrets, love, and

wishes to you

a sister who waits to

travel time anew!

PS. I can’t get this song, and these blurry images out of my head.

#damntheuncertainities #damnthelastminuteflops #damntheexistentialsiblingvoid


PPS. You’re being missed B. Can’t wait to see you, the pictures, the videos, etc., etc. :*



Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

“Cometh we, in this auspicious hour
Sitting embraced in Thy ever-jubilant love
Reflecting, reminiscing Thy regal life
Or humming humbly Thy hallowed glory

In Your merry mellifluous voice, Thee then whisper
Awakening us affably to angelic acuity
“Auspicious: Isn’t every hour, bangaru?
and each moment momentous!”

Gather we again, another hour
Discussing, dissecting or defining
Pulsating or plummeting with each point
Flattering foolishly our farced fixation

In Your golden ochre garment, Thee then glide
Arresting our agitated mind with Godly accord
“Uncertain: Isn’t everything, bangaru?
and each an erudite edification!”

Cometh Thee likewise, ever so continually
Our Sovereign, Our succour, Our strength
Illuminating our ignorant ways – But know we not
to clasp and cleanse with Conscious constancy

With prayer to Thee, our gentle god for guidance
Grant us -Thy sagacity to seek such spiritual splendour;
Equanimity to evolve with self-effacing resolve, and a far-reaching
fragrant love that forever flowers in the world’s altar.”


Sathya Sai – What He means to me?

I might not remember, Ma.

I might not remember the first time

you held me close, and kissed me,

but I’m sure that was when

the lover in me was born!


I might not remember the gazillion times

when I stole sleep from you

and kept you awake,

to watch over me.


But I’m sure I learnt soon enough

That: I cannot live a minute away

without you by my side,

or you in my thought!


I might not remember:

how you always treasured me,

in between all the chaos,

I created as a child.


I might not remember: how

I made you run, jump and scream

I might remember nothing at all – of my baby days

that you fancied and talked about so much!


But if I ever get a chance

to do all that for you,

and not be remembered – I’d

trade that offer with my life! ❤

Because: You are the bestest mum!!! 🙂 Muaah!



For I fell, to rise in love :)

Dodged I, for long, Mr. Cupid’s shot;

Running, hiding from His divine embrace

Disdained I was to acknowledge ‘ts merit,

But thrilled I was by the jocund chase.

Slowly and chivalrously, the small Lord took over:

Tagging to His credit yet another romance;

A centennial man who espouses love

Can only but win in uniting hearts.

In the light of victory, He beams again today

For we are happy to bond in the name of ‘love’!

For the snowflakes in summer,

and the roses in winter.

For the warmth in your hands,

and the twinkle in your eyes.

For marooning

the ‘Monday’ blues,

and sporting ever a smile

of wondrous hues!

For adding shine

now and again,

even in pretty little nothings

of everyday life…

For loving me,

and having me bewitched

at my own love

for you!

For being all, but one

and one, but all.

I can, but do

one favour that’s due.

And that would be the honour

of marrying you! ❤

🙄 random love notes 🙄

Updated to add: Combining the love poems were great, but I am gonu stick with the original for a little while… 😛

How to make a friend call you?

❓ Have you been unsuccessful as a telepathic?

❓ Have you not managed to make your friend call you?

Worry not.

  • Take a paper.
  • Add clarified butter to your train of thoughts.
  • Write a poem, and send.

Ta-da. They will call you. 😈 Tried and tested method, dear readers. This will work.

➡ Here is my sample 😉

There you live a million miles away:

pampering the hallowed one

with a string of melodies.

There you live a million miles away:

enjoying the architectural finesse

of the DC colony parks.


There you live a million miles away:

running like a lunatic on loose,

whose only aim is to hop on the moving RTC.

There you live a million miles away:

blissfully curled up in the lap of comfort,

or lost in the valley of mundane chores.


There you live a million miles away:

ecstatically dancing as summer showers caresses you,

or licking away a choco-truffle with a child like glee!

Yes, there you live a million miles away,

yet how do you steal away all my love

and stash it into some secret garden?


Yes, there you live a million miles away,

yet you make me think of you

on a holiday or a busy day,

at a momentous,

or not so momentous time!

Yes, there you live:

a million miles away, yet why do I wait here

in fond remembrance, for one beep from you.


Yes, there you live a million miles away,

yet why do you not let me forget you! 😉

This is to you, my love!

Sat I in solitary embrace
Thinking of the bygone days.

Two decades – ain’t I right?
It took for you to come to me.

But was it you all along,
My constant wayfarer of the past?

I ask with a sheepish smile
For it seems improbable!

Oh! pardon the alter ego and
its skeptic vibes.

For the satires and tongue-in-cheek phrases,
For the paradoxes and precautions.

“But well, what am I to do,

but give in?”, My beloved.

No, not to the hopelessness of my alter ego
but to the caricatures of derision and irony.

To Wordsworth’s works
and Shakespearean melody

To Paulo Coelho
and Cecelia Ahern

To the awe-inspiring, ever enticing wonder that you are
To the infallible, unfathomable wisdom that you hold.

For intriguing and inspiring the amateur me
With a mere permutation of 26 letters.

What am I to do, but simply give in –
My past wayfarer and present lover?

For you have nonchalantly engulfed the skeptic me
in Thy mystic self

Three cheers to you and to the art of writing…

P.S. I was seventeen when I first penned a poem not because I wanted to, but because I had to; it was “homework” 😛

I only started blogging for the heck of it, and never was it so much for the love of language until recently. I have started loving the play of words – be it satire interwoven with humour, subtle unrequited love, abstract philosophy, admiration of unfathomable beauty, sordid anger, heart-wrenching anguish. I have loved them all when emoted via the best of words 🙂 There is this mesmerizing charm when the writer brings out his innate self in his work; gives the emotion a vibrant vibe so languidly that it reaches the inner most recess of any reader’s heart. 

While I am a no regular at this trade, my fellow bloggers in some way had let me enjoy blogging. Here’s to Reflections, Ashrita, Raaji, Lena, Preeti Shenoy and many more 🙂 Thank you. 

Romancing the Indian way…

#arranged marriages #india #traditional romance

The To-be-wed-girl says:    

Heard I have a million times 
What charm is there
In an arranged bond?
I, for one reason,
Couldn’t answer then
Now that my turn has come,
Hear me say:
What more charm
Can one bargain
Than the tingling feel
Of this brand new bond?
With grandpa just hurrying
Only to say –
“Now, My darling bride,
Come on! Quick here –
This side”
  Tiptoed I – to the
Farthest aisle
As uncles and aunts
Hooted along;
Chuckling aloud
Mommy told –
“The one in the white shirt
Is all yours to flirt.”
“Worth a watch,” isn’t he?
Nudged my dad
“Go on then –
Speak to him.”
Walked I slowly
Into the room,
Only to be bewitched by
The groom.
For, spoke he not a 1000 sonnet
Or showcased a heroic valour 
Tender and subtle, he cut me thru’:
Charmed I was,
By my beloved beau!
  “Loving already?!”
The sisters peeped in
“At first sight” –
The groom winked
And what did my darling sis say?
“Not a thing!!!
But she did give a smile
That shook me deep within.”
“Wahoo sis!
Now that’s romantic.”
Fully blushing –
I ran to my dad
Just to whisper –
“He is my man!”
Smiled the lad
From the rear end;
His carefree ebullience
Spreading the radiance
That moment onward
Clearly it dawned –
There is more than
Charm to this willed bond.
There is more than charm to this willed bond.

The To-be-wed-guy says:
Of Krishna and cupids, of Terasa and Hewitts,
 Thought I in my mind’s eye.
That to me was love, till y’day
An apparent radiant in the distant bay.
Yeah, love to me then was eww
Love to me then was a meaningless hue.
But then you came along
Enthralling me to an eternal bond.
With your exquisite elegance
and elusive exuberance. Wah! 
  Love to me now is you!
Yes, Love to me now is YOU 🙂