Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 7

TruYogi Wellness is an organic store and café in Puttaparthi, that has brought with it a fresh wave of newness.

Whilst Parthi has always had plenty of food outlets, a café was something it lacked. Now TYW has made it easier for us to stop by for a drink, or a quick bite in the evenings, whilst shopping. That is what I call having the cake, and eating it too.

I love the aesthetics of the place, and in particular the good view and pristine stillness of their balcony, as it oversees the samadhi of Sathya Sai Baba’s parents.

Specializing in organic, ayurvedic and other yoga based products, this health and wellness store offers free wi-fi, and allows visitors to put up flyers. With nominal pricing, and no compromise in quality, they have definitely stepped up the game, which Sai Towers and Hanuman Hill Rock so far offered only with increased food costs. It is also a good place to buy quality cheese, and tofu.


Situated at Prem Sai Residency, Chitravathi Road (Opposite Hanuman Hillrock), TYW I believe is open from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, and 4.30-7.30 except Sundays. Until next, SB.

Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 6


Sai Towers is a very popular restaurant in Puttaparthi, that stands at the junction of the Main road, and the Gopuram road. Proximity near the ashram, good food and ambiance has given the place the kind of name it has looked to sustain.

In the past year, the restaurant branched out to cater to two different tastes with Vanta Gadhi outlet focusing on South Indian cuisine, and Love Is My Form outlet focusing on North Indian, and InterContinental cuisine.

The two outlets are next to each other, and with comfortable seats, free wi-fi, air-conditioned space, and membership cards, the restaurant has become the hub for a quiet family meal, or a gala filled friends reunion.


Waiting time. This is a definite overbearing on the name of the restaurant that most of us relate to, and we even walked out once. Whilst we have had good services, and good waiters, we have on one too many occasions waited just for waiters to show up. That is a turn off.

Overall: Good place that leaves  you with mixed feelings.

Until another time,


Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 5


Shilparamam, a government park in Brahmanapalli, is a 5-10 minute ride from Puttaparthi’s Gopuram Gate. It’s a good place for you to unwind, socialize, watch the kids play in swing/seesaw, or simply take a stroll.

With an entry fee of ten bucks per person (for two hours), an amphitheater that is up for grabs, a couple of small rocky hills to trek, a children’s park, Shilparamam makes your evenings better.

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Here is a video that Google Photos made for us for more sneak-peek:)

Until another place,

SB ❤

Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 4

Reaching Vengalamma Cheruvu (Cheruvu in Telugu is lake) takes a 15-20 minute ride from Puttaparthi, and once you settle there with a picnic basket, friends, book, pet dog, or just yourself, the time will just melt away. Every time I went there, I had such a good time, and here are a few snaps for you to savor 🙂


Vengalamma Cheruvu, June 2016.

Summer in Andhra Pradesh is intense, so we could see a drastic difference in the water levels from December to June. That never stopped my dog though.

Some more 🙂

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Beautiful, isn’t it?

Until another time,

SB ❤


Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 2


This is part of the series I started in my last post, where I share info on places I like/visit in Puttaparthi. If you are someone who is fond of Puttaparthi, watch this space.

#2 HariOm Cafe

HariOm Cafe is a bigger and popular eat-out place, run by a bunch of young lads. If you haven’t visited this place already, you definitely must.  Continue reading