Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 7

TruYogi Wellness is an organic store and café in Puttaparthi, that has brought with it a fresh wave of newness. Whilst Parthi has always had plenty of food outlets, a café was something it lacked. Now TYW has made it easier for us to stop by for a drink, or a quick bite in the evenings,... Continue Reading →

Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 6

Sai Towers is a very popular restaurant in Puttaparthi, that stands at the junction of the Main road, and the Gopuram road. Proximity near the ashram, good food and ambiance has given the place the kind of name it has looked to sustain. In the past year, the restaurant branched out to cater to two different tastes with... Continue Reading →

Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 5

Shilparamam, a government park in Brahmanapalli, is a 5-10 minute ride from Puttaparthi's Gopuram Gate. It's a good place for you to unwind, socialize, watch the kids play in swing/seesaw, or simply take a stroll. With an entry fee of ten bucks per person (for two hours), an amphitheater that is up for grabs, a couple of small rocky hills to... Continue Reading →

Places to visit in Puttaparthi – 4

Reaching Vengalamma Cheruvu (Cheruvu in Telugu is lake) takes a 15-20 minute ride from Puttaparthi, and once you settle there with a picnic basket, friends, book, pet dog, or just yourself, the time will just melt away. Every time I went there, I had such a good time, and here are a few snaps for you to savor... Continue Reading →

Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 2

This is part of the series I started in my last post, where I share info on places I like/visit in Puttaparthi. If you are someone who is fond of Puttaparthi, watch this space. #2 HariOm Cafe HariOm Cafe is a bigger and popular eat-out place, run by a bunch of young lads. If you haven't visited... Continue Reading →

Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 1

Like I said in one of my earlier posts: 'Visiting Parti is one thing, while living here is completely another.' Now that I live in Puttaparthi, I decided I will share certain insider information. When you visit Parti next time, perhaps this would help. So watch this space if you like this place. #1 Amrita café. A very good... Continue Reading →

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