Himalayas – Final Part!

Post the Khuliya Trek, the troupe decided to take a time off, rest, and roam around Munsiyari streets. We had more hours of bus journey in store, and everyone leapt at the possibility of a time off. It was a much needed break, and we breathed in the local beauty, felt contented either with evening... Continue Reading →

Himalayas – Part 5 – of temple visits, satsangs and His dream messages that put me in a spot!

On day 4, we were to travel to Chaukori via Bageswar and Baijnath. Baijnath (Vaidnath) temple has a fascinating history both archeologically and mythologically. In the 9th century, this place was part of Katyuri Kingdom, and around that time Swayambhu (self-manifested) lingas started appearing in 18 different places. Understanding the profundity of these spots, the... Continue Reading →

Himalayas – Part 4 – of spiritual splendours and their vibrations!

The spiritual intensity kicked in after Haidakhan Babaji’s temple visit, and day 3 had even more intense vibrations in store. We set off from Chiliyanaula in the morning, and had our first stop at Dunagiri temple. Dunagiri a.k.a Dronagiri, has its origin right from Satya Yuga, and its sanctity has time and again been amplified by... Continue Reading →

Of living a Himalayan life – Part 3!

As someone who shudders in the Bangalore December weather, and who loses all sense of ground in a mere 4 storeyed building, a trip to Himalayas seemed a little over the line. I, however, never yielded to any apprehensions of what was to be, for it wasn’t a hypnotic dream that I had to wrestle,... Continue Reading →

Buckling up for Himalayas – Part 1

When C and I landed in Puttaparthi on the 14th of February this year, it was because we decided not to go anywhere post the wedding. A long shot of an outing in summer was our plan B to beat the Parthi heat, to which we gave very little thought. A wedding in itself was... Continue Reading →

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