Rule#4: Be your own boss. Because - all of us know what to truly do with our lives. So let's keep at it. And while we are at it, lets dash it with our unique style. Tiara works for me, what about you? 😉   Until next bark, P.

Rule #3

Rule#3: Run. Dance. Sing. || Love. Laugh. Live. || This moment is yours. Make it worthwhile. Nothing else matters. ❤ Until another moment, P.

Happy New Year!

2015 started on a musical note for us, with papa taking the guitar. I tried to take a look, and peeped into his notes, but he shooed me away. Nothing happens with a tiny bit of drool on the papers. Right? 😛 That then brought me here. So what if I can't sing papa? I will offer my... Continue Reading →

My first Christmas

I had an ecstatic run on Christmas day. Papa, mama, and all their friends sung a medley of carols and other songs to celebrate the spirit of the day. Me? I celebrated the day as I celebrate all days: by living the moment, and loving every one to bits. 🙂 So how was your Christmas? Until next woof,... Continue Reading →

Rule #2

Rule #2 - Be cute. Always be cute. Especially when you want food. N.B. feigning discipline and undivided attention also helps 😀 Until more gyans, P.


Rule#1 - When in doubt, always look within. You will know what to do. At other times? Look out towards the mirror. 😀 It would be a shame if you don't admire your own beauty, right? Or in my case, wondering who the hell is out there is a good enough reason too 😛 Until... Continue Reading →

Tail Tales: I’m growing up

Do you know what I figured in the last two weeks? That a lot can happen as you get older 😀 Being that cute little ball of fur was plain joyful, but knowing that they cannot carry me easily wherever they want now, makes me glow with pure evil smug. Okay, I am kidding, I love tailing... Continue Reading →

Tail Tales: Urgh! Bath…

I should tell you about the first time, they took me behind the bedroom door. The door which I thought was off-limits, but they took me in. I was overjoyed, as that was something new, and papa put me in a yellow tub. I remember mum asking papa, "What would Phoebe do if it rains? You... Continue Reading →

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