Tail Tales: I’m growing up

Do you know what I figured in the last two weeks?

That a lot can happen as you get older 😀

Being that cute little ball of fur was plain joyful, but knowing that they cannot carry me easily wherever they want now, makes me glow with pure evil smug. Okay, I am kidding, I love tailing my folks, but hey, the other side of life is equally fun too.

Here are my updates:

  • I am now able to climb the sofa myself.
  • I am officially allowed to play with other dogs, now that I have got my shots.
  • I am being warmly welcomed into more human crowd.
  • And I had the time of my life with a kid in the block. Whoever said, pick someone your own size, said it right. I loved playing with her.

What other perks of getting older?

  • Those exuberant evening walks.
  • A tryst with Mother Nature.
  • Mud. Water. Fields. Sprawling gardens. Wah. How I love them 🙂

My mum says dance and let loose, but mate, I say, run and let loose. Sometime she joins me in my running lunacy, at other times, I join in her dancing lunacy. Oh, the sheer joy! I feel free. I feel complete. I feel at home.

So who or what makes you feel that way? Think about it, and do it more often, will ya? My mum says we should always do what we love best. Don’t you agree? I do.

Here is all that I did in these two weeks 🙂

Until another tale, P.


Tail Tales: Urgh! Bath…

I should tell you about the first time, they took me behind the bedroom door.

The door which I thought was off-limits, but they took me in. I was overjoyed, as that was something new, and papa put me in a yellow tub.

I remember mum asking papa, “What would Phoebe do if it rains? You think she would enjoy it?”. I got to know rain meant getting drenched in water, and who wouldn’t like that. Duh!

As much as I thought I enjoyed water, it turns out having a bath isn’t my thing. At least, not yet. It’s a boring and laboring process. Laboring because I need to stay put inside that yellow tub, while papa shampoos me, and pours water.

As if that isn’t enough, they towel dry. And like that isn’t enough, out comes the blower.

Papa knows very well that anyone can scare the day-lights out of me, even by just blowing onto my face. He knows it far better than mum, because every time papa play-teases me, he gets the glare from mum.

So that’s why a big part of me still thinks papa uses the blower just to tease me. Other part argues against it, as mum does that as well. Mum will never do such a thing. If she does, it’s all for a good reason I suppose.

However, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t create a scene. I would, and I did. 😀

I didn’t give them the permission to film it, as I told mum that I have a blog of my own, and I don’t want to be named after ‘Courage, the cowardly dog‘.

Anyhow, rest of the day had its usual glitter: I had my chew toys to play with, and a good ball chase in the evening. I need to leave now, as papa will be out for work, and he cannot leave without my bye. I will be back again with another post, till then I hope you enjoy the new video… Woof! Woof! (P.)



Tail Tales: Ah! Sunday :)

Tra la la… How much I love this day of the week.

Okay, I get it, for me every day is a Sunday. That’s the magic of dog life, I guess. 😀 Mum and dad on the other hand, have all the time in the world only today, and I like that extra bit of attention.

I still remember the first Sunday after they got me home, we went upstairs, and played with a furry little fluorescent ball next to a nearby water tank. Ah! I had the time of my life. It was just a beginning of all my play times, my evenings/mornings out to the fields, walks and more, but don’t they say firsts are always cherished the best? ❤

I cherish mine too. I got to see my mum feigning calm, assertive energy when she sees me fall, while I know all she wants to do is come to me, cuddle up, and assure – all is fine, my cute little dog fellow. 

Mothers! Whew! They need to chill. My new mother is slowly getting the hang of it. I mean, she has listened to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, for a reason. I hear when she was an aunt, she couldn’t be anywhere near her nephew as he learnt bicycle. If he came anywhere near the edge of terrace, or something sharp, slushy on road, she went bonkers. She was awestruck when she got to know about the Japanese way of raising kids, which was much in contrast to the kind of attention that kids get in other parts of the world.

That evening when I sat next to her, I made sure she realized that’s how mothers in the animal kingdom work too. She nodded in understanding, as she knew she had the Cesar’s video to vouch for it. “I have a lot to learn from you Phoebe, especially one of unconditional love, and living by the moment” she had said.

Like me, my new parents are growing too. In understanding each other, our worlds, how we are infinitely different, yet how well a bond can bridge that gap.

I too had my earliest lesson on the night of our first day together. I was in the living room, away from my new family, away from my old family, away from all that I knew, or could ever know. I had to deal with night hours by myself. I whined and whimpered for a while. I got assuaged now and then, but it had doses of discipline interspersed. I was just getting to know my space in this new world, I decided to take it in one at a time.

In the coming days, I realized how all of us will have our good days and bad, of learning and unlearning – how more of all this awaits us in the coming days, months and years.

Do you know what else I realized we wait for in common?

A good Sunday with our loved ones 🙂 I am about to have mine, how about you? 🙂

Tail Tales: First day and more

[#Blast from the past]

It was the fabulous month of fall when the world took me in. After a succinct time in my mother’s womb, I was out with my litter mates on the 20th of September, 2014. It was a Saturday.

Everything I did was a first. First food. First sight. First smell. First touch. First… First… First… The newness was exhilarating. Every day, every moment I found myself amused, inspired, challenged, more playful, more inquisitive. There was more of everything. I heard my mother whispering to us one night, as we were being fed: Continue reading