The following post has stayed in my draft for an year now, and revisiting it today, after a long holiday, I can see how I need to put this thought out there!  Waiting, we said, is a beautiful word. 'Routine’, we might say, does not sound as much beautiful. It is one of those words … Continue reading Routine


  'Waiting' is a beautiful word. When we look up the word 'wait' in dictionary, it reads:"stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event" We all wait in our lives for something, for someone, don't we? For the perfect job. For the perfect spouse. For the society to deem as … Continue reading Waiting.

Where do we belong? Is that even important?

Belonging to something/someone has its bane, whether you like it or not, the moment you belong to something, something else almost always alienates you instantly. That’s how the world works! For the past months, I was constantly coming across these clear contrasts, and how each one was voicing for their side. Here are a few: … Continue reading Where do we belong? Is that even important?


Phoebe, my 6-month-old Golden Retriever hardly barks, making me reflect the power of silence. While I croak and talk to her all the time, expressing my love, she lets me experience love beyond words. She lets out a bark every now and then though, when anything new and unfamiliar catches her attention. Today I stepped … Continue reading Fear.


  Rule#4: Be your own boss. Because - all of us know what to truly do with our lives. So let's keep at it. And while we are at it, lets dash it with our unique style. Tiara works for me, what about you? 😉   Until next bark, P.

Prison Break Review: On its spiritual angle!

I was watching Prison Break recently, and when Dr. Sara, the protagonist's girl friend, leaves the Prison's infirmary door open for Michael Scofield (the protagonist) to escape with his brother, it got me thinking. What would I do if I were in that place? When we love someone so dearly, of course we would go any length for them, … Continue reading Prison Break Review: On its spiritual angle!

The affair that lasted the longest!

33 more days to go. 27th October, 2014 marks 7 years of blogging affair. In these 7 years, I had housed my ramblings at 14 different links. I had trashed posts. Lost contacts. Few good links. Hits. Stats. Likes. Comments. Everything. These 7 years also saw me bid my bye to Blogger, as I shifted to WordPress on 18th … Continue reading The affair that lasted the longest!