Of a life beyond ‘labels’ – 3

Post the heart-breaking CNN video, and Hony’s War Veteran series, I stumbled upon the sentiments/outpouring of a Pakistani citizen, the animal vs. human debate in NY Times, and few other related articles this past week.

Either in the articles or in the comments section, there is very often a debate, an insult, or insinuation, whatever people seem befit to pull the other party down. It could be against Muslims, against Hindus, against Pakistan… Sometimes it’s re. the biases that African-Americans encounter with the U.S. police… Or those heated arguments between animal lovers and the others, etc. It is like a bonfire, you go close, you get burnt. If the topic is not a good conductor of heat, it will at least get trampled on.

Despite all those punches in the gut, I still look forward to a changed world. A simple RAOK feels enough to restore the balance, to fight the odds. Because my logic – when one eye gets hurt, the other one has to cry.

Today as I was discussing a related point with my husband, I realised what I had discovered earlier in the day: “You know what. Swami agrees with me as well” I had told him. And only after I said it out loud, it struck deeply.

As I was pouring over my guru’s discourses in light of the upcoming Krishnashtami program, I found this. 

In the 1998 discourse, my guru had said, “Bharath is a land in which the tender Tulasi plant and the giant banyan tree are worshipped with equal devotion. Cows, horses, elephants and other animals are treated as sacred objects of worship. Even ants are considered worthy of care and protection that rice flour or sugar is offered to them every day. Crows and eagles, dogs and monkeys are deemed worthy of worship. The world might bellow it all as superstition, but the land of Bharath considered that – the expression of Divine love should not be confined to human beings, but should be extended to all beings…” “…you must positively Love all beings, actively Love, actively engage yourself in acts of Love.” 

Ah. That is why I love you my Swami. 

At a time, when regions and religions are at crossroads, when everything that people have held in high esteem seemed to have lost its way — words, vision, and aspirations like these is what keeps me going. In His acknowledgement I realised, I did a good thing by hugging a tree the other day, when I thought it could get cut. At the risk of sounding insane, I simply couldn’t wrap my head and heart around to a beautiful, old tree getting cut. People might refute, but I believe all beings – trees, animals, humans, whatever the beings might be – deserve a chance to not just live, but live happily. When they don’t, it effing hurts, because I believe we are all one. 

Because my logic – when one eye gets hurt, the other one has to cry. But today, I am grateful for all the love, all the empathy, and the oneness people believe in. Truly, only that keeps this world going. #ThankYou


Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Last morning, Swati, my junior from the SSSIHL campus, shared a blog post: ‘Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA’. The title will have you gobsmacked, but the author talks of the evident consciousness shift that is about to happen in our world, and how Donald Trump will play a key role in bringing about this change.

As much frightening the thought sounds on a worldly plane, as someone who is deeply fond of spirituality and its allied fields, I cannot agree more with the post.

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Of anger, emotions and how world problems are a learning!

“Why didn’t Bheeshma help me in the sabha even when he saw how much I suffered?”

“Bheeshma thought too deeply about the laws of men. It paralyzed him. He wasn’t sure whether you were already Duryodhan’s property – in which case he had no right to intervene. But sometimes one has to drop logic and go with the instinct of the heart, even if it contradicts law.” [Conversation between Krishna and Draupadi, from the book ‘Palace of Illusions’]


Posts on anger are doing rounds [Courtesy: Priya Krishnan Das & Chandu Vijay. Priya talked about a groping case that resulted in an outrage, and as a spiritualist herself, she is looking to see beyond her anger, and if beating up was the right thing to do. Chandu talked about anger itself, and how channeling it, would help us go where we need to.]

When C mentioned about these posts on anger to me, I immediately thought of the above passage from ‘Palace of Illusions’. Like Draupadi all of us have questions. Almost all of us have this innate urge to know. That urge is enough for us to realise what must be realised.

As someone tempered, here is my learning, with this emotional tryst:

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Letter 25: To the person I know that is going through the worst of times!

Hello there,

Shall I sit next to you for a while?

Together we could stare in the oblivion. I promise not to ask a thing, if all you need is my silence. I am not here to whisper my ideas into your head, I am just here to be with you. Whoever you are, as you face life’s battle.

I know all of us have our own journeys. Sometimes there are surprises, at other times uncertainities. We don’t need advice most of the times, we just need love, support, and acceptance, of who we are, and the things we do in our lives.

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Letter 22: To the someone I want to give a second chance to!

Dear people of the world,

Ask someone who lost a limb in a hit and run accident, ask the ghostly remains of a suicider, ask a childless parent, or a fatherless child, ask a widower or a divorcee, ask a kid who lost a scholarship, and thereby his chances to study, ask the ones who are terminally ill, ask the ones who missed their opportunity to say a yes or no, when it counted, most of all, lets ask ourselves: ‘Would we have done/said something differently, if we get a second chance?’

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Letter 21: To the someone I judged by their first impression!

Dear Tada, yada n bada,

Have you guys read ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell? He speaks about ‘thin-slicing’, ‘analysis paralysis’, and how as humans we have the ability to sift through, and focus on critical information. The information that helps us come to immediate conclusions about things, without spending much time.

That ability is important to us – the ability to identify personas, energies, compatibility – the ability to know/feel if we are in danger – (especially for women, what with cases on rapes seeing a steep rise). Anyway, I think first impressions are good, provided we are open enough to change it when we have judged wrongly.

Do you know – one of my best friends and I didn’t really have much good opinion on each other in our first week of getting acquainted. We parted, only to bond again, Continue reading

Letter 14: To the someone I’ve drifted away from!

Dear driftee/s,

How are you? I hope you are well.

It’s funny. The topic I mean. To write to people/things that we drift away from.

If you ask me, I think drifting is a way of life. Drifting. Changing. Evolving. To something good, or better. If I am what I was yesterday, living as a term becomes redundant. I am constantly learning, constantly changing – in my persona, in my roles, in my understanding of life and love, in everything.

I need to, so do all of us. That’s the beauty of life.

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