Reminiscing the escapades!

If only I could see your face in the fall of a shooting star, or fading moon light; if only I could hear your voice amidst the rustle of leaves, or in the owl’s hoot; if only I could sense your touch in the northerly wind; would my heart know its respite; if only u were near to shoo away the silent night that has come to embrace me.

Pari couldn’t get herself to believe she really had met Kay, her very own Kay. Her mind was weaving million thoughts all over again:

“Oh my god! It still feels surreal. I mean why would He come? I know I wanted Him to come, but is it that simple? All it takes is a thirsty heart, and God would come down to quench it. Mind blowing! Though if I even whisper about it, my life is screwed, I mean, nobody is gonu buy this stuff, but well, who cares? Oh my god! I know, who cares. He came. Oh my God!” Continue reading


The Surprise package!

If love came in footballs, I would have gone to Germany. If love came in cheese, I would have gone to Swiss. If love came in coffee, I would have gone to Brazil. If love came in art, I would have gone to Italy… but love came as you, and I have nowhere to go, for you are in my heart!

Monday (08:42 hours)

Pari was idly staring at the walls of café corner, as she sipped the cold contents from her coffee mug. The pleasant October air did little to steer her away from the agony and ecstasy of it all, agony more than the latter. She dreamt of her fascinating escapades with Krishna, and even as she treasured those moments very dearly, her heart choked with emotion: she missed Him.

“I can’t believe I must wait one whole week before I could meet you again” whispered Pari in a wistful tone. “I miss ya Kahniya, and to think that I must be in office in the next 15 minutes is not helping the mood.”

It was 09:10 hours IST, when Pari finally crawled towards her cabin.  Continue reading

Monday blues

Do you miss me as much as I miss you? What do you do when you think about me?! Do you smile?! Do you chuckle?! Do you nod your head with hopelessness?! I so wish that I can get into your mind and see me, as you see me – my divine lover!

Sunday Night (22:00 hours)

Pari was lying down on the porch looking at the starlit sky, with her head resting on her hand. She was lost in a whirlpool of thoughts, before she broke the silence.

“I wonder why people call it ‘Monday blues’, we can call it the black Monday, right?”

“Black means we are mourning, and that I totally am, but I wouldn’t associate ‘Monday’ to blue, Krishna. I mean blue is your colour, how can it denote this horrible day, right?  What am I? Nuts!” continued Pari in an exasperated, but careless tone.

With an annoying chuckle, Kay interceded with a whisper, Continue reading

The ‘Parkadal’ cruise

If I ever run out of the sweet little things in my life, I know where to come to get my share of sweetness!

Saturday (09:00 hours)

It was one of those exciting days for Pari, as she was heading towards her friend Krishna’s place. Kay, as she fondly calls, was quite the lazy head in the morning hours, or so she thought, and decided to drop by the dwaram; otherwise this time again they wouldn’t be able to spend a day together.

As she pedaled her way to Kay’s eternal abode, Pari couldn’t stop smiling. It was her first time to her dear Kahna’s place, but as expected His golden chambers were still shut.

“Duuuude! Its 09:00’o clock! Don’t tell me you are still reclining in that adisesh bed of yours”, she mumbled within. Just then, Jayar & Vijayar, Kay’s eternal door-keepers, entered the scene and addressed her: “So, you must be Pari?”  Continue reading