Devdutt's Yahoo post: in love with the nitty-gritties!

It was just yesterday when Mr. C sent a yahoo link titled Hearing Sita's silence, written by one Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik, and I have gone all rapt. The author writes about Ram, Krishna, Draupadi & Sita, and the different ways through which each of them uphold dharma. The post is an absolute beauty, and a … Continue reading Devdutt's Yahoo post: in love with the nitty-gritties!

Of meeting the ‘One’!

I have been waiting, you know, for you. It was not for a day, a week, or even few summers, I think I have always waited, and as have you. Thoughts I have had a million, ramblings in hundreds, blog posts a dozen, as my fascination for you has never ceased. Is it plain intriguing … Continue reading Of meeting the ‘One’!

The nine day affair!

When I sat in front of the golu this morning, I knew I had to post it up. Being a Tam-brahm, Dussera aka Navrathri is like piece-de-resistance. Every home has one, and here are few glimpses from my altar: Of unspoken words, nostalgia, and the spirit behind the celebration!  Happy Dussera everyone! Let the world unite in … Continue reading The nine day affair!

To you, my all… (24th April, 2011)

[As my guru Sri Sathya Sai left His physical body...] Million times I have sat Bhagwan to write about you, to write for you, but this time, I am out of words… Shall I start with an ‘I love you’ that should keep me going, don’t you think? So how are you doing? Missing us, … Continue reading To you, my all… (24th April, 2011)

Mukund Mala: my favourite verse!

To love Him is one's greatest fortune and bliss, and I am simply enjoying it. Below is one of my favorite verses, which I offer to Him in two moods: 1) Where are you hiding my beloved? What keeps Thee away from me? Or should I say what keeps me away from you? The only loss in the world is when … Continue reading Mukund Mala: my favourite verse!

Gitanjali (poetic offerings)!

I have read Gitanjali time and again, and each time it captivates me as never before. The earnestness to seek the lord has been expressed in the most sublime way possible. The whole book is so endearing, and there are certain lines which strikes a chord every time I read it. They either take us to a trance, or … Continue reading Gitanjali (poetic offerings)!

I will be Thine always…

Where art Thou, my lord? Are you still reclining in Thy holy abode despite seeing your child's pitiful cry? Gladden my vision with Thy cosmic form, take me away from these worldly ills... "Punarapi jananam Punarapi Maranam Punarapi Janani jatare sayanam Iha samsare bahudustare Krpaya pare Pahi murare!" Repeated birth. Repeated death. Repeated resting in mother's womb. … Continue reading I will be Thine always…