Ekam evadvitiyam brahma

[The Truth is One, without a second]Chandogya Upanishad This hymn was precisely the sentiments of the morning air, as my husband and I went on our usual morning stroll with our dog. Lily, Tantri, Pluto and Johnny walked along with us: running, playing, sniffing, exploring the sunny world around them. Lily is missing the huddle...... Continue Reading →

Why We Do What We Do

What is it that drives you in life to make a difference? Does it really matter?

Are You a Harbinger of Change or Silent Accomplice?

"I hope you don't find answers to your questions, because if you do, you will settle."These were the parting words of my therapist friend, after we were discussing the hues of oppression. I don't get how 'oppression' of any kind exists even today, but they do, and how very much so. Being one of those... Continue Reading →

All work and no play? Meet Brightful!

I started working remotely long before the pandemic forced its way into our lives, and one of the things I missed the most was the 'human touch'. Thanks to 2020: we now have people talking about 'fake commute', how remote work tends to blur the lines between personal and professional lives, or how people are... Continue Reading →

Abuse Awareness: Take 2

After my last post, several people reached out personally, and it made me realise one thing. Very often, in order that we conform to a set standard, there is repression / suppression of all kinds, and that is why though people were agreeing, there was this general feeling that this isn't a talked about topic.... Continue Reading →


Questions we never ask our society / families, but should! 2020 has been an year that shook the world, and (no)thanks to COVID, this past year I had been trying to understand myself a whole lot better. As a lover of social niche, I was trying to figure out if there was anything I was... Continue Reading →

Of love & loving…

It's funny that the word 'love' alone wasn't enough for us, we had to bring another word 'unconditional' before it to understand that love on its own is infact unconditional! After I had written my previous post, a couple of people in my circle took offense, for I was disowning a sentiment that rules the... Continue Reading →

This is what dreams are made of…

I was 10 when I decided I won't drink coffee or tea, cos I didn't want to get addicted to a drink, as it was the case with several elders I knew then. Why should a habit dictate my life? I was 15 when I decided I won't be confined to terms like family, cos... Continue Reading →

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