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Also check out: All you need to know about getting a dog home 🙂

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What would you do if God was to appear in front of you?

Related Krishna reads 🙂

As a follower of Indian spiritual guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and an alumna of His university at Anantapur campus, I also share posts on love, learning, and more, at the lotus feet of my beloved guru.

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13 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Hi !
    I came ac across your blog, while i was reading up stuff on Tejaswee… May her soul rest in peace..
    And then chanced upon this blog on Swami :)… I happen to be an ardent devotee/lover whatever you may call me of Swami too..
    Loved reading your blog… and would love to connect with you if you dont mind.. and share experiences etc 🙂
    Din’t get to subscribing to this blog… coz i dont think one can… or can we ? 🙂
    Waiting to hear from you…
    Much love light and prayers


    • Hi Tina,

      Sairam! It’s nice to meet you too… Actually, it came as a surprise – you know, meeting someone in the Sai fold online… It will be my pleasure to connect with you 🙂 Thanks for all the kind words. I will add up subscription links soon 🙂 And I will let you know once done…

      Till next time – take care!!!


  2. I see what you’re saying about Kay Madness… The way we perceive God keeps changing at different stages in life….atleast thats wht I’ve realised. Amen on the prayer!!!!


  3. Love the Kay Madness. It’s like taking a whimsical journey into the realms of the deepest corners of our imagination – that place where we dare dream. 🙂


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