Krishna Madness

What would you do if God was to appear in front of you?

Would you ask for those three coveted wishes and bid Him bye? Would you run and scream, or would you jump and cuddle? Would you fight, or would you prostrate? Would you dare ask/do anything out of the ordinary?

You haven’t thought much about it, have you?

Well, I have.

Ridiculous – clumsy – boisterous – unimaginable – you name it, you shall find it here, in one of these pages. So yeah, am going to take you out on a date, with God. The time is now and here, what are you waiting for? Hop onto my chariot.

Warning: Restricted entry! 😀



For someone who doesn’t find so much difference in the gazillion gods that the world boasts to have today, please don’t ask me why I chose Krishna as the protagonist. Instead, enjoy the wild fantasies that I spin, for I enjoy the presence of that non-dual cosmic force that believers call in multitude names and address in multitude forms.

To me, He is simply LOVE.

As an ardent lover of God, I think, I have the license to bring Him into my everyday life of fun. I remember: my dad was not very happy about the first ever short story that I wrote on Krishna, as it lacked reverence.

For me, the totality of Godhood exists in the casualness of everyday life. I do not think the bond has to be philosophical, or one with reverence alone, at least I don’t relate to Him that way; it has to be one of love that embraces everything into its fold, because God is that best ever friend to me.

After all, He has made us: wouldn’t He want to see our every facet, including the child in us? I am sure He does. This story is for that child in me, that girl in me, that lover in me, and that friend in me.

Love ya Mr. God, you are the best!

Let this day, dear lord, be the change that I wish to see in myself and in the world.

Let the world unite in the name of love!


Over to the story:

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6 thoughts on “Krishna Madness

  1. The way we perceive God keeps changing at different stages in life….atleast thats wht I’ve realised. Amen on the prayer!!!!


  2. Love it. It’s like taking a whimsical journey into the realms of the deepest corners of our imagination – that place where we dare dream. 🙂


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