This is what dreams are made of…

I was 10 when I decided I won’t drink coffee or tea, cos I didn’t want to get addicted to a drink, as it was the case with several elders I knew then.

Why should a habit dictate my life?

I was 15 when I decided I won’t be confined to terms like family, cos blood and extensions of DNA alone don’t make us one.

Our feelings and actions do!

I was 17 when I decided I won’t talk in Tamil much, cos I saw my fellow students grouping themselves to their regional mates, and alienating the rest.

Over time I disidentified myself from a lot of other things: religion, caste, country, gender…

Why? None of this means shit. They all are man-made labels. Dividing us: constantly, consistently.

Overtly and covertly.

None of our beliefs or culture amounts to anything if we can’t give and receive love.

Today, I see a lot of mother’s day wishes going around, and just like that, another thing goes out the window.

Mother's day

Being a mother, father or any other thing doesn’t make anyone or anything special. After all, people tend to love what’s their own… what’s new about that?

Tell me what have you loved that was different from you…

When we love something that is not ours, then, only then, a true shift has taken place.

Only then, we deserve celebration in its truest sense!

Till then, lets climb!

#whatwillbe #dowedare #mothertotheworld

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