Beyond the oppressive play!

Ours is a world that is currently afflicted by the fear of the pandemic corona virus, at one end, and each of our own internal storylines at the other.

With so many balls up in the air, it seemingly becomes rather sensible to tackle the balls, rather than winding down into the bird’s eye view. (Read: 2nd/3rd bird of non-dualism — for those into that sort of thing!)

As a bout of illness got the better of me, I thought now would be a good time to better understand the cosmic play at large. I mean, why not start at the very beginning?

For starters, here is an insightful infographic if you are keen to know what’s up with our universal timeline: Universe Today.

I am now almost finished up with reading ‘Sapiens: A brief history of humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari(#1), and ‘Vaster than sky, greater than space’ by Mooji(#2).

#1. Renowned world historian Harari shares a ground breaking narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution.
#2. The Jamaican born advaitic spiritual master Mooji invites and inspires readers to discover the true essence from which we all arise.

So much of what Harari shares helps one distill and really absorb, why we are what we are, and why we are where we are…

I’ve talked enough about our addiction to labelling in this blog, and we only seem to be getting better at it.

We identify people with a set of labels based on who they are, where they belong and what we think them to be.

My labels could be: Woman. Hindu. Theist. Bramhin. Indian. Wife. Daughter in law. And so on… Almost each of these, could inturn spiral into debates of rights and wrongs, what needs to be done, how to honour, how to troll, etc.

We stereo type, we label, we do whatever we can to identify with a certain of us, and alienate the rest of us.

Harari writes:

“SEVENTY THOUSAND YEARS AGO, HOMO sapiens was still an insignificant animal minding its own business in a corner of Africa. In the following millennia it transformed itself into the master of the entire planet and the terror of the ecosystem.

Time and again, massive increases in human power did not necessarily improve the well-being of individual Sapiens, and usually caused immense misery to other animals.”

As you read about the evolution of genus homo, it comes to light how the sapien species has managed to drive not only other homo brothers/sisters out of existence, but also other flora / fauna, and that says a lot about us.

Mooji writes:

I remember somebody asking, “Papaji, when will mankind really evolve into the potential that you speak of?” And he said, “When mankind becomes kind man.”

What is the reason for so much cruelty in the world? It is really quite simple: cruelty persists because we consider ourselves to be only the body, our cultural conditioning, and personality. As long as we believe we are just that package, such selfishness will continue to be expressed.

We have often heard that the opposite of love is hate. But perhaps the opposite of love is really selfishness, each one caring only for who they consider themselves to be. This self-centredness is characteristic of ego, and it is what satsang addresses.”

Our society’s history and statistics around certain incidences show enough proof of how this conditioning has got the better of us:

Yes. This has been us.

We could talk about equality, oneness, and cry against oppressors of gender, race, religion, culture and so on, but the blood that has been slain in our history, is showing us that it has been all about the survival of ‘our tribe’, survival of the fittest.

Atleast, we now know the evolutionary baggage.

Maybe as Harari points out, if only, we, as a collective species, manage to ask ourselves the question of how much happier we have made the world, rather than how far we have come..?

For within us is also the potential of unbridled love

With that thought, I will leave you all with Mooji’s words, for if any words can transform our further evolution, they are most likely to stem from those with spiritual authority:

“To begin with, very few people in the world really want humanity to be one family. The lives of many people are dedicated to making sure that universal love and cooperation do not happen: “We don’t want them to join us! We have the advantage, so why should we share with them?” Universal, all-embracing love is not possible to attain through the mind; it can only happen through the heart. And to be in the heart, we have to go beyond the limitations of the personality and the conditioned self.”

May we attain such unity in this evolution.

May each of us truly live for the other, beyond the boundaries of familiarity, ties, belief and attachment.

Samastha loka sukino bhavantu | May all the beings in all the worlds be happy! ❤

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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