To a friendly neighbourhood…

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened!”

is a quote I could swear by, for having Phoebe has helped me understand the animal world a lot more, which would have been otherwise unlikely…

Probably, the weight of this quote may not reach those who haven’t lived with a pet / an animal in close quarters… but if you’re willing, check it out for yourself. You will come to see how so full of love they’re, and how they’re not that hard to please

Speaking of, I have taken to naming every street dog I meet on a regular basis, so there is a name to their antics & sweet little faces.

  • There is Raja, who never fails to jump on you, as soon he gets the whiff of your presence
  • There is empowered Sundari, who started off all shy and scared, but now fends off the male streeties like a thug during mating season
  • There is silly old Rambo, who likes to play with all his heart
  • There is the seasoned Fluffy, who keeps to himself, until he knows you love dogs
  • There was the young puppy Rani, whom I haven’t seen for a while, but she loved playing with us, Phoebe and Sundari
  • There was Zury, who got sold off, before we could help her
  • There is the loyal Brownie, who adores you for no reason
  • There was the clipped ear Mohini, whom I recently met again in Chitravati road
  • There was sweet old Blackie from our Chennai house, who bore the hardships created by some neighbours, and nestled in our corridors for some love and food
  • There is petrol bunk Jackson
  • There is the new pup in block ‘teething’ Thomas, who nibbled me recently, and his adorable sister, who took the liberty of sleeping in my lap…

Well, the list could go on…

Do you want to meet the pack?

Tip1: Dogs will recognise if you’re friendly, almost instantly…

So next time you step out of your door, look around the neighborhood for their sweet little faces.

Tip2: Most of them bark out of fear, and not with an intention to harm. As someone who has been around dogs, who growl at each other, please know it may be a question of establishing dominance among the males to see who is alpha… It might not be about you at all!

If you extend a friendly hand, they will come to you – maybe with a bit of hesitation, maybe with a wiggly butt, maybe they were abused in the past, and are reluctant… If you have a kid, who shows interest in animals, don’t let your fears take root in ’em.

Caution is good, but love is very good ๐Ÿ˜€

Toss a biscuit, roti or dosa, perhaps those fellows are hungry…

These kids that we see around, all of few years, don’t have a place to call home, and are dependent on us ‘humans’… Some of them manage to make fellow dog friends, while some spend their lives in isolation… Some healthy, some suffering… they could use a friendly face!

Of course this is not specific to dogs! Encourage your community to give away their cut lawn grass or banana leaves to the cows nearby. Leave a water bowl to the birds, or make a bedding for the pigeon egg… When you have to kill the ticks that feed off your dogs, let the ticks know they are coming up in the evolution soon enough, and that you bless ’em for a life of self realisation.

I know today is not World Animals Day, but when I saw Rambo this evening with a wobbly leg, I wondered what happened to the poor guy. He jumped up in joy after a little petting, and resumed his play soon after… As I walked away, I saw Nambiar chase after him, and the poor kid gave out an yelp…

Again, this doesn’t have to be just about animals… May we all take a moment, and send a prayer / lend a hand, where we can, to those who are poor, oppressed, worried and meek… those who are alone, desolate… to those in pain… to those who feel unloved, excluded…

May we be inclusive, and may every being we share this world with experience love!

May all the beings in all the world be happy, happy, happy!ย 


2 thoughts on “To a friendly neighbourhood…

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  1. What a beautiful article and pics Sulo..thank you for writing this esp for someone like me who is not so comfy with animals, its a nice reminder to reflect upon !! So happy for you…love n hugs!


  2. Awesome Sulo๐Ÿ‘
    World will be a better place if all of us have such broadmind and compassion…
    By the way, nice pics with your furry pals๐Ÿฅฐ


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