Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 8

It is 2018, and as society, we have all become much more conscious of what goes into the system. We’ve come to appreciate ‘wellness‘ as a way of life. There is understanding, awareness – and let’s say there are trials, triumphs and fails, as we attempt to make the right habit stick.

That is why dining out is much more than a necessity or luxury sometimes.

Now, it’s summer in this part of the world, which means many food outlets in Puttaparthi give the shutters a good time. [I miss HariOm, as not only do they serve delicious food, but it never makes me feel like I have eaten out… Freshly made food, with no preservatives, or whatever else that restaurants add!]

With these prelude aside, here is a quick whip up of a new food outlet that inhabits this spiritual town – Vedic Cafe!

vedic cafe, puttaparthi

Situated quite close to the left of Gopuram gate, this cafe specializes in a Millet based menu! As someone who has read much about the benefits of millet, I am thankful that a healthy food option is finally available through the day.

With 18 seats across 6 tables, the cafe serves fresh juices, dosas / idlis made out of millets / green moong dal, salad, and millet based rice items. Perhaps there are more, but here is how my table looked like today:

Fruit juices - what color do you choose?

Fruit juices – what color do you choose?

Millet paneer dosa

Millet Paneer Dosa 🙂

My take:

Nominally priced, Vedic cafe could potentially become a favourite for both locals and outta towners alike.


A friend did mention last week that they felt the serving of chutney could be a bit more. Since I had a ‘paneer’ dosa with capsicum toppings, chutney and podi, I didn’t need another dollop. Perhaps if I had a plain dosa, my stance could be debatable, but I am going to let it slide.


Yummy, healthy, filling, no hole in the pocket… Wait, are you still reading? Go, get a table already!

Until next,


*Eat healthy. Be healthy.* 😉

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