The following post has stayed in my draft for an year now, and revisiting it today, after a long holiday, I can see how I need to put this thought out there! 

Waiting, we said, is a beautiful word.

Routine’, we might say, does not sound as much beautiful.

It is one of those words that hides away in our closet, and comes out once in a while with wearied sadness, as we complain: “Man! I need to get away from this routine.”

Rightly so. No doubt.

Interestingly enough: on what we spend the most amount of time is in fact an investment, of who we are in the making.

So when we garb ourselves in its everyday antics, why do we still not offer it the cloak of acceptance it so deserves?

Of course Change is exhilarating, essential even, but it is like a one-off fling. We cannot ‘do’ more of it. Once the job is done, we want to shut the doors, and get back home.

Routine, on the other hand, is nourishing and nurturing even on an otherwise dull, dreary day. Like an old wine in the cellar. Like nostalgia on a star lit lonely night.

We always want to get back to it!


pic courtesy: the fitness motivator


  • The next time we snuggle in our quiet corner, or make it a noisy paradise that we alone revel in, let’s remember the liberating effect ‘routine’ has on us…
  • The next time our travel fantasies and related food-fetish fumbles and crumbles in-front of our flawless fondness to the familiarity of all things home, let’s remember the soothing effect ‘routine’ has on us…
  • The next time plans collide and collapse – the next time we cower or conquer, reminisce fondly or regret deeply, feel supremely good or utterly bad – the next time we go through whatever polarities that comes and goes in our lives, let’s remember what keeps us grounded is this ‘routine’…

It helps us define ourselves, re-align ourselves, charge ourselves. 

It lets us just be.

There is always ‘our’ good old routine waiting at the other end to embrace us into its everyday enigma.


  • The next time our vacation plans go for a toss, a get away turns to a disaster, a reunion flops from the word ‘go’, maybe we could say:

“Thank you routine, for keeping us sane, inspired and loved, day in and day out. Thank you routine, for reminding us ever so quietly that when the doors are shut, an open window is always in the offing.”

This post is a shout out to everyone who didn’t get to go home, or propose, or finish that deadline, or do all those things you hoped to do this holidays.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, remember ‘routine’ might not sound beautiful, but it is bountiful. It gives us generously: be it time, love, health, inspiration, quietness, and so much more. 

Let’s remember: Change is not only what we chance upon in our holidays, change is also what we build upon in our everydays – little by little, a stone at a time.

So my good people, enjoy the New Year! Enjoy the Change, the Getaways, the Newness, but also enjoy the Everydays, for in it lives our life’s brilliance!

Much love, SB ❤

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