Going beyond…

Robert Frost once wrote:

“Two roads diverged in a wood,

I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference.”

What a classic line that is, for a century later we all still relate to it.

In the August of 2013, Krishnashtami day, my Master told me to come and live in Puttaparthi.

He continued, “Sarvada Sarva Kaleshu Sarvatra Hari Chintanam” (everywhere, at all times, under all circumstances contemplate on the One).

Puttaparthi is a land of ethereal promises. No doubt. But back then I had wondered many a times, ‘why?’ It was not in my foreseeable plan.

However when your guru asks you to do something, you do it. As simple as it sounds, it was difficult, sometimes it still is.

Eventually when I did marry and move to Parthi, I had thought,”Man! I didn’t know I was this obedient.” I now realise He had infact answered my prayer, just that He had packaged it differently.

In these 2+ years, I have learnt many a lesson, met many brilliant minds, kind hearts, loving souls, ardent spiritual seekers and masters: things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The love I have received, the lessons I am still unlearning and relearning. #Gratitude

One of the crucial, nerve-racking tests of ’em all is learning to wait. The waiting lingo is so very common here. Almost everyone you see would have waited some time or the other for a sign, a command, or a benediction.

I am turning 30 this weekend – while time doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, the rites of passage don’t let you in peace. Interestingly enough, that is not even getting my goats.


In the early 1900s Swami Pranabananda sensing young Mukunda’s doubts, who would later become Yogananda, had told him, ” I will tell you how priceless is a guru’s help. I used to meditate with another disciple for eight hours every night.” “…But a little veil always remained between me and the Infinite…”

At long last when Pranabananda sought Lahiri Mahasaya‘s guidance, the Master had told him, “You may go now and meditate. I have interceded for you with Brahma.”

Okay. Plea bargain: I have not meditated for eight hours in the night, I am not even remotely close. I have not been a disciplined sadhaka. I still am not. #facefallen

But I want to say: “Call back, my lord, call back this pervading silent heat, still and keen and cruel, burning the heart with dire despair. Let the cloud of grace bend low from above like the tearful look of the mother on the day of the father’s wrath.”


Last year, this time around, my guru made me have a week long satsang with a Himalayan master. It was exhilarating. He has been tossing and turning my world, ideologies, concepts since then. For the most part, I have loved it. Again: #Grateful

The pressing feeling though – Every spiritual master I have known and read, have always sought the guidance of a Guru in close quarters. I have had my trysts in the altar of my heart for too long. The other day as I read Yogananda address Sri Yukteshwar Giri as ‘Gurudeva’, I was lost in the endearing profundity of it all. It was sublime.

Even as I type these words, I do understand, my Master, that you are nudging me towards the nirgun aspect of life. Something I asked out of you. Now, whose fault is that, you might say!

I agree. Shall I then submit a prayer?

I seek Thy humbling presence in my everyday life. Spare the incessant heat, and the silent tests. Show me Thy presence in all that is, and all that I am. Delay not. Show me Thy presence like a torrential rain. That I may flourish and fly in the eternity of the oneness that we all are.

May every micro and macrocosm find peace and love in the now and forever.

Love and pranams,

Your beloved… ❤

And here’s to the day I shall truly be born, for aren’t birthdays meant to be forever!

I also humbly take this moment to thank every being, whose influence and presence has helped me in my sojourn.

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu | May all the beings in all the worlds be happy. |


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