Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 6

Sai Towers is a very popular restaurant in Puttaparthi, that stands at the junction of the Main road, and the Gopuram road. Proximity near the ashram, good food and ambiance has given the place the kind of name it has looked to sustain.

In the past year, the restaurant branched out to cater to two different tastes with Vanta Gadhi outlet focusing on South Indian cuisine, and Love Is My Form outlet focusing on North Indian, and InterContinental cuisine.

The two outlets are next to each other, and with comfortable seats, free wi-fi, air-conditioned space, and membership cards, the restaurant has become the hub for a quiet family meal, or a gala filled friends reunion.


Waiting time. This is a definite overbearing on the name of the restaurant that most of us relate to, and we even walked out once. Whilst we have had good services, and good waiters, we have on one too many occasions waited just for waiters to show up. That is a turn off.

Overall: Good place that leaves  you with mixed feelings.

Until another time,


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