Of a ‘Life’ beyond labels – 2

Last morning, Swati, my junior from the SSSIHL campus, shared a blog post: ‘Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA’. The title will have you gobsmacked, but the author talks of the evident consciousness shift that is about to happen in our world, and how Donald Trump will play a key role in bringing about this change.

As much frightening the thought sounds on a worldly plane, as someone who is deeply fond of spirituality and its allied fields, I cannot agree more with the post.

One post led to another, and I was reading author Danielle’s ‘Call to Light: Join movement’ page, where she talks about unifying humanity, and says, “It is time to release ourselves from the ‘us-against-them’ mentality”.  That emotion had run deep within me for a long, long time now. I had always wanted to let go off the tags, and be one with the world. It had even driven me to blog on and off about it:

Surely, we are one. We are meant to be together. Why should sex, race, language, region, beliefs stand in our way? So I am going to happily flaunt this badge, and join Danielle in this endeavor.

Unifying Humanity

If you agree, will you flaunt with us?


I also particularly liked her statement on social media, where she says,

“the consciousness shift that humanity is now capable of, thanks in part to our ability to experience empathy for our global neighbors simply by “logging on”, is unprecedented in our history books.”

I never looked at social media in that light: as harbinger of love, compassion and openness. Undoubtedly, we are aching a lot more, and loving a lot more because of these mediums. What a sublimating thought!

This kind of learning is the beauty of spirituality; it gives everything an effervescent glow. It lets you see nothing in a negative light. ❤

Also as someone who has written a post on anger, I know what it means to be angry, to identify, to support, to stand up. I know what causes a backlash. I know how you sometimes need to blow off, to cool off. That’s what’s happening in our social media profiles today – in our hashtags, open letters, and comments section.

We need to reiterate that ‘we’ are not our rivals. Our common rival is the idea of ‘difference’. An idea that needs to be shed.

This online (offline) negativity reminds me of an analogy my guru once shared. To put it roughly:

Our cups are full, and we need to empty it. To empty – we need to discard or throw all that is rot and not. The dirt, imperfection, negativity must spew out. It is part of the cleaning process. If we repel the process, cleaning as such becomes redundant.

Maybe we don’t have to make a hue and cry about the negative spewing. If universe has charted a shift in our consciousness, this ‘spewing’ is part of the trajectory. We simply need to pour more and more beauty, love and goodness into the cups. That would wash away all the dirt, and we would have a bright, sparkly cup of goodness at the end of it. Then, the ‘cleansing’ of consciousness would be accomplished.

It might be a slow process, and I might, or might not be alive to see the dawn of that day, but I am excited. Thrilled. Grateful. Happy. I know it is going to be one hell of a ride.

In the meantime, we only need to reaffirm: This is good, this is all good. ❤

Be well my brethren.

Much love,


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