Sathya Sai: An ode to my Guru

“Cometh we, in this auspicious hour
Sitting embraced in Thy ever-jubilant love
Reflecting, reminiscing Thy regal life
Or humming humbly Thy hallowed glory

In Your merry mellifluous voice, Thee then whisper
Awakening us affably to angelic acuity
“Auspicious: Isn’t every hour, bangaru?
and each moment momentous!”

Gather we again, another hour
Discussing, dissecting or defining
Pulsating or plummeting with each point
Flattering foolishly our farced fixation

In Your golden ochre garment, Thee then glide
Arresting our agitated mind with Godly accord
“Uncertain: Isn’t everything, bangaru?
and each an erudite edification!”

Cometh Thee likewise, ever so continually
Our Sovereign, Our succour, Our strength
Illuminating our ignorant ways – But know we not
to clasp and cleanse with Conscious constancy

With prayer to Thee, our gentle god for guidance
Grant us -Thy sagacity to seek such spiritual splendour;
Equanimity to evolve with self-effacing resolve, and a far-reaching
fragrant love that forever flowers in the world’s altar.”


Sathya Sai – What He means to me?

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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