So what? (an open letter on the insider controversy)

I was watching a science fiction movie the other day called ‘The Man from Earth‘. The protagonist claims that he has lived for thousands of years, and what happens then is the rest of the story. There is a particular scene where he says that he was called Jesus Christ for a while, when he tried to bring teachings of Gautama Buddha to the west, offending rather badly, a faith of a fellow Christian in the room.

“…And only when, we love all men, can we partake of  God’s love”

The world we live now is a fiction too, an illusion (maya) that manifested at His will.

And in this great wide world, few of us choose to have faith in God, while few of us don’t. Few of us give this ‘God phenomenon’ a form, while few call it love. It doesn’t matter where our faith lies, or with whom, what matters is we have it, as we aspire to be our best – in the way we live, in the way we love. We can fail. That is okay. We just need to try again. In the meantime, we will learn – of how to be, or not to be. Simply put, that is life.

In the process however, we shouldn’t take offense, for beliefs are meant to be different (neither should we provoke!).

It was just the other day when I wrote a post on belongingness, and the boons and banes of it.

Further to that post, what has baffled me, is still baffling me – is the raging controversy of my guru’s subtle form (Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s light body). What was once one big Sai family has now taken two roads, with a set of them believing in this form, while others don’t. All these years, my beloved guru, in His infinite love, raised us, and told us ‘All are one, be alike to everyone’, and here we’re opposing fellow Saiyans.

Question 1: What for?

Question 2: Does it really matter?

I have friends and acquaintances on both sides, and not until today did I think of writing about it. This morning, a fleeting thought on the issue passed by, and I knew He wanted me to write. Here is my take:

The world as we know today, has infinite possibilities, and myriad complexities. Issues a million, we already have. We are fighting war and violence, in our lands and in our hearts. There is so much ahead of us. Gundas and rapists need to be healed. Terrorists need to find love in their lives. There are people in Nepal, who once had warmth of their homes, and food in their oven, are stranded outside, looking for aid from people they do not know. There are bigger troubles out there. What we don’t need now is separation of any kind.

“Love is a wonderful thing! Joy to all hearts ‘t will bring. Where there is love, there is God. Where there is God, there is love”

“Love is a wonderful thing!
Joy to all hearts ‘t will bring.
Where there is love, there is God.
Where there is God, there is love”

I love my guru very much, and I know He can do whatever He wants to.

I might still be somebody, who is struggling to let go of rights and wrongs, or not label things as spiritual or otherwise. Each time I do it, I know He tells me: ‘Labels don’t matter. Everything is Godly. Everything is spiritual.’ Just because, I don’t see it like He wants me to, doesn’t mean that is not how it is. That lesson is not just for me, but for all of us.

Truly, He is all-inclusive. Didn’t hymns say ‘nethi’, when trying to explain Him? He is everywhere, and watching everything. So what are we trying to prove, or why do we have the dire need that everyone should follow what we follow? Wherever we side, whatever we say will be a fallacy, because nothing is essentially true in the illusion that is. Didn’t He say – ‘It is my duty to take care of the world and its people. Not yours.’

If you think it’s Him in Muddenhalli, so be it. If you don’t, then that’s okay too. Remember, there is no right or wrong, it is all a learning.

Once we all learn it, the experience will end, in the way He wants it. So why should any of this matter, but for the learning? Well, it doesn’t 🙂

Each of us are here to culture our own hearts and minds. That we shall do. When we fail, let’s ask for His grace to guide us during the arid, dark days.

We owe that much to Him, don’t we? ❤

So if you find Him in Muddenhalli, that’s awesome. If you find Him in Prashanti, that’s awesome too. If you find Him in your hearts and that of others, there is nothing more like it. We’re here to find Him after all, in us and in the world. Right?

“The light you see in the dark of night
Is that of God in men.
Find the light that is in your heart
And reach the promised land”

Stay beautiful, my awesome people, and stay together. That’s what He would want. If you still want to know, if you still wish to resolve, ask Him personally, and He will unfold whatever needs to be unfolded.

For now, here is a beautiful song by Don Moen that is sure to pique your devotion. To loving Him, and living for Him!

*Mountains bow down and the seas will roar, at the sound of Your name*

Much love,



2 thoughts on “So what? (an open letter on the insider controversy)

  1. Thanks to Swami that you wrote so beautifully on this topic. This is exactly how I feel. The master spent his entire talking of unity n we the followers have chosen to ‘subtly’ divide ourselves. Wish all of us can see the situation in this perspective!!


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