Places to NOT eat in Puttaparthi – 3

[This is part of the series I started here, where I share info on places or things I like in Puttaparthi. If you are someone who is fond of Puttaparthi, watch this space.] This post is slightly different though. Yeah, you read it right.

When I was writing about HariOm cafe, I was reminded of a restaurant that I think people should not visit at Puttaparthi. 😮

Give it up for *Neem Tree*.

My husband and I decided to visit this place for our anniversary, as we hadn’t been there even once, in my one year at Parthi. To put it plainly, I felt it was a waste of time, and money. Not to mention, the anniversary dinner went for a toss.

The service was delayed (heck that happens in few other places too), but food wasn’t good. I mean, if a restaurant cannot score on that front, what else can you wager on.

  • Gobi manchurian was a disaster.
  • Noodles had red chillies as dressing, I am not sure why.
  • French onion soup was amiss. Plus, a starter that gets served at the end? It’s a big no-no.

To be honest, I am not much of a soup person. If I order soup, that’s just to appease my hunger. I gave my husband ‘why-did-i-bother-to-order-soup-to-pour-in-trashcan’ look. Then again, gobi as a side was also served at the end. So when they served my cashew rice first, I had gotten too ravenous to wait for a side. The rice was good though. I should definitely give that a point.

Maybe it was just their bad day, but I wouldn’t know that, would I? :/

Good Choice, Bad Choice!

However, I did search for other reviews, and there seems to be good reviews in TripAdvisor. Like I said, maybe it was just that day. I should also give it to them for the good and spacious ambiance.

If you feel adventurous, you could visit them. I wouldn’t want them to lose a beautiful customer like you, my dear reader. I mean, I did enjoy having you hop over to my blog, maybe they will too 😉

Until more food tales,


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