Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 2

This is part of the series I started in my last post, where I share info on places I like/visit in Puttaparthi. If you are someone who is fond of Puttaparthi, watch this space.

#2 HariOm Cafe

HariOm Cafe is a bigger and popular eat-out place, run by a bunch of young lads. If you haven’t visited this place already, you definitely must. 

This is on the main road, and you should be able to spot their board between Samadhi road and Chitravathi road. Once you find it, you will have to walk inside, cross 4 to 5 shops in the ground floor, and at the right side end, a flight of stairs will welcome you. HariOm is on the second floor, with two open air tables, while the rest have an asbestos roofing. Here is a picture that I found.

The platter they offer is a sumptuous variety of cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Western, and many more. They have an Indo-Western touch to their food, and you would smack your lips on more than one occasion. 😀

King's breakfast @ HariOm

King’s breakfast @ HariOm


My husband and I had a Banana pancake and King’s breakfast three weeks back, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Just as much as I have enjoyed their Pastas, Tofus, Lasagnas, and others. Not to mention my favorite Tofu with bean sauce and rice 🙂

You might have to wait a while though, so we usually prefer to be there half hour earlier to our meal time. But that’s a give even in Sai Towers/Hanuman Hill Rock that offers this kind of food.

The prices might be at par with Sai Towers, and perhaps low compared to Hanuman Hill Rock.


You might find this place a bit hot on summer afternoons, because of the roofing.

Overall: Worth it!

I always recommend this place to my friends. If you see me there, feel free to say a ‘hi’ 😉

Until next,


*Happy munching folks!*

One thought on “Places to eat in Puttaparthi – 2

  1. Its right above shanti cafe …
    My all time favorite menu over here : Cream of Mushroom soup … followed by Tomato chilli pasta with olives/ enchilada dobla … end it with bamboo shoots drink … burrrppp !! excuse me 🙂 😛

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