Tail Tales: I’m growing up

Do you know what I figured in the last two weeks?

That a lot can happen as you get older 😀

Being that cute little ball of fur was plain joyful, but knowing that they cannot carry me easily wherever they want now, makes me glow with pure evil smug. Okay, I am kidding, I love tailing my folks, but hey, the other side of life is equally fun too.

Here are my updates:

  • I am now able to climb the sofa myself.
  • I am officially allowed to play with other dogs, now that I have got my shots.
  • I am being warmly welcomed into more human crowd.
  • And I had the time of my life with a kid in the block. Whoever said, pick someone your own size, said it right. I loved playing with her.

What other perks of getting older?

  • Those exuberant evening walks.
  • A tryst with Mother Nature.
  • Mud. Water. Fields. Sprawling gardens. Wah. How I love them 🙂

My mum says dance and let loose, but mate, I say, run and let loose. Sometime she joins me in my running lunacy, at other times, I join in her dancing lunacy. Oh, the sheer joy! I feel free. I feel complete. I feel at home.

So who or what makes you feel that way? Think about it, and do it more often, will ya? My mum says we should always do what we love best. Don’t you agree? I do.

Here is all that I did in these two weeks 🙂

Until another tale, P.

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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