Tail Tales: Urgh! Bath…

I should tell you about the first time, they took me behind the bedroom door.

The door which I thought was off-limits, but they took me in. I was overjoyed, as that was something new, and papa put me in a yellow tub.

I remember mum asking papa, “What would Phoebe do if it rains? You think she would enjoy it?”. I got to know rain meant getting drenched in water, and who wouldn’t like that. Duh!

As much as I thought I enjoyed water, it turns out having a bath isn’t my thing. At least, not yet. It’s a boring and laboring process. Laboring because I need to stay put inside that yellow tub, while papa shampoos me, and pours water.

As if that isn’t enough, they towel dry. And like that isn’t enough, out comes the blower.

Papa knows very well that anyone can scare the day-lights out of me, even by just blowing onto my face. He knows it far better than mum, because every time papa play-teases me, he gets the glare from mum.

So that’s why a big part of me still thinks papa uses the blower just to tease me. Other part argues against it, as mum does that as well. Mum will never do such a thing. If she does, it’s all for a good reason I suppose.

However, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t create a scene. I would, and I did. 😀

I didn’t give them the permission to film it, as I told mum that I have a blog of my own, and I don’t want to be named after ‘Courage, the cowardly dog‘.

Anyhow, rest of the day had its usual glitter: I had my chew toys to play with, and a good ball chase in the evening. I need to leave now, as papa will be out for work, and he cannot leave without my bye. I will be back again with another post, till then I hope you enjoy the new video… Woof! Woof! (P.)




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