Top 5 health trends to follow!

I am writing this post as part of NovaIVI’s 5k campaign.

Another year has embraced us into its bosom. You, me, our colleague in the next cubicle, our friend from another city, each of us have so many wish lists, crushes, goals, worries, travel plans in common. In order to keep every one of these aspirations going, there is one thing which needs to be given due importance.

Are we ready to hit the brakes, take a breather, and get set to make that one thing this year’s piece-de-resistance? 

To give this year the kind of momentum, we need to pursue a holistic approach towards life; where we don’t let our love just out, but give it in too – to ourselves – the love it deserves.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body wasn’t either.

My husband, a fitness enthusiast, said one of the finest things to me. “Health and fitness should be a way of life, and not the goal of life. It is a lifestyle. Exercise because you love yourself and your body, because it has given you so much. Don’t find a reason to work out, work out as wellness is a reason in itself.


Here are the 5 that we could do:


Rujuta Diwekar, the nutrition expert, who took the Bollywood world by storm with Kareena’s size zero avtar, in her book “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”, says that it is not so much about not eating or even starving for that matter, but eating right portions of right food, at the right time, which makes all the difference.

Gone are the days when people stressed on crash diets – eating home food/traditional food would do just enough trick says Rujuta, and asks us to eat our local cuisine, seasonal foods, and our paneer instead of pizza.

She says – “A woman’s life is peppered with responsibilities and this plays up in our relation with food. We keep the best for the husband and children and put ourselves last, on the contrary we need to eat right to improve our skills [sic]”

If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

“A diet should be for one’s life, not for 7 days or 7 months, but for 7 janmas.” To all us pragmatic fellows that kind of statement is what rings the right bell. 🙂

We indeed have right food and the best of foods in our homes. Things we ate while growing up… Eat them well, and eat them right, eat them light, eat every few hours that way half work would be well done. Tease your palates no more, just please them! I know you want to.

“It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” Margaret Mead


Meditation. God hour. Soul time. My time. A date with nature. Whatever you may call it, do that more often. A little bit of alone time each day – to clear your head and heart – is a magic like no other. That place where there is nothing or no one but yourself – where you are in the now – that is the best place to be. Take a walk to the fields nearby, watch on as rows of sunflowers light up the earth. Get engulfed by the serenity of the flowing river, or in the vastness of your favourite beach. Feel the warm rays of the sun adding glow to your skin. Listen to the melody of the birds, or the song of the waves.

Find completeness in your solitude. Breathe in the beauty of the moment, breathe in the love. Breathe out all that is holding you back. Breathe out anything that is negative. As you breathe in and out, as you truly merge with all that is around you, enjoy the liberation of that moment.

The inward bliss you feel then is the real you. Honour it. Embrace it. Come back again. Come back every day. You deserve it.

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. Thomas Carlyle, Scottish historian


Yeah. You got me right. Now-a-days, we are finding more and more of us drifting towards fields that inspire our creative and emotional intelligence. We look up to people who did that one same desk job for 35 years, and wonder how they did it. We are rowing ourselves towards creative inspiration that which satiates us soulfully. Even if we have our full-time jobs, we sneak into our creative corner now and again, and visit our fantasies. Another set of us, have taken a full dunk into writing, singing, dancing, painting, cooking, photography, film making, et alia. That’s indeed a promising part of this generation.

Come what may, we should keep at it. Dedicate more time. Get into the soul of things. Find our little joys in doing them. Share our ideas. Learn from others. Learn something new. Truly, they are a wellness therapy by itself. I mean, wouldn’t you agree with the beauty and magical prowess of this institutive thought?

If our one Sunday in the week goes in re-reading our favourite book or watching a movie, or going to a concert, we sure as hell know how creativity is a wellness in itself. Need I have to say more? Nah!

Do NOT say you “can’t”! You can say, “I don’t want to”. You can say, “I’m not willing to put forth the effort”. But DO NOT say you CAN’T! – Tony Horton, fitness guru.


Imagine how it would be if we could all Time Travel? Amazing, isn’t it?

Now, all we have to do is get that idea implanted in our heads, kind of like ‘inception’: imagine we are time travelling. That’s it. When you do imagine well enough, it wouldn’t be too difficult to –

  1. Take the stairs/walk your talks: After all, isn’t that what our parents did. They walked 3-4 kms easily to go to the market. They took the stairs in all the shops. There were no malls then. No escalators/elevators. A cheeky way to put this I know, but you get the drift right.
  2. Stay gadget free: Okay we need them, so keeping away entirely might be difficult, but we could atleast put it away an hour before bed time – and spend that on a good book, a beautiful music track, or family time?
  3. Trying to retire a teeny bit early that we may rise somewhere near to sunrise if not earlier. If our ancestors called it brahma muhurtham, Robin Sharma and the likes call it the 5 am club. Perhaps, 6am is a best bet?
  4. Fasting: We know they all did it on one or more occasions. Lets trial a run too, and go for a full detox. Or we could take it slow, and go for a fruit/vegetable detox as a start. Are you game?


Even as we are doing all this, let’s do one more thing, which is to mind our posture.

Improper posture causes various ailments and leads to premature old age. While walking or sitting, let’s make sure the spine is erect, and the shoulders are not slumped. We need to mind this even as we exercise – this and our breaths.

 Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness – one of the early Prime Ministers of UK, Edward Smith-Stanley.


Most of us are guilty of one thing – paying for gym membership/aerobic classes/yoga classes, and then visiting them far too less. If anything has reduced, it’s the bank balance because of the dent in our pocket. Change that.

As an example, is one such that offers a happy option to exercise at the comfort of our homes. They have different fitness programs/nutrition plans at different levels for all kinds of people. My hubby’s personal favourite, Tony Horton of Beach Body says, the success mantra of working out lies mainly in showing up 80-90% of the times. Once we are there on our exercise floor, it will do the magic for you. My favourite from the team is TraciMorrow, at 43 and happily married for 23 years, with 6 kids (ages 8, 9, 15, 17, 19, 20), her fitness levels are over the top. 😮

How about our Indian author Preeti Shenoy who is well-known for her fitness levels. Surely exercise makes age look like a number for real. All we need to do is around 150 minutes of work out a week, and make it a non-negotiable routine. This would lower the risk of most diseases. It helps us to de-stress, aids in memory, does good to our hormones and more.

But if you are someone who likes to let loose as the rain hits the ground/as the speaker jazzes up, check out ShaunT’s Hip hop abs program . Your road to a perfect health haven with some good dance moves – how about that? Shake it all out – the fear – worry – complacency – all of it, as you get energised and into shape the fun way.

Ofcourse there are even tonnes of resources available online for us to follow.  Pick what suits you best. Post workouts, be well hydrated – drink enough water, have a wholesome diet. Go the fun way by hiking or trekking with friends. Sign up for Martial arts program like tai chi, or a Tennis play group. Wellness is definitely fun, if we know the right way to go about it. So are you ready to set your sail? I am. 🙂


About NIF: Nova IVI Fertility Clinics is a joint venture between Nova Pulse, India, and IVI, Spain which delivers the most sophisticated Assisted Reproductive Technology in India at an affordable cost, offering standardised and ethical infertility treatment to those couples who cannot conceive naturally.

This largest chain of fertility centre in India has completed 5000 successful IVF pregnancies in the last 3 years. Through the use of IVF treatment, Nova gave hope to thousands of women. All Nova IVI Fertility ART laboratories have a modular lab design with different types of highly specialized filters [HEPA, CODA, and activated charcoal] to control air quality and laboratory environment.

To honour the 5k milestone, from January 1st 2015, Nova IVI Fertility Clinics are celebrating its achievement through Press Conferences, and Baby Meets on these dates, which will see many people come together – parents who underwent the IVF treatment, those seeking treatment, fertility doctors, experts and Nova staff, at its Centres across the country. Do feel free to join the #Nova5K celebrations on Facebook and Twitter and spread the joy!

To NovaIVI for making dreams of so many families come true. Hear! Hear! To all you beautiful women out there who make healthy families, who bring awesomeness to workplace, who do more than I can name or number, and for simply making this world a better place. Hear! Hear!

Healthy and happy living folks! ❤

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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