Tail Tales: First day and more

[#Blast from the past]

It was the fabulous month of fall when the world took me in. After a succinct time in my mother’s womb, I was out with my litter mates on the 20th of September, 2014. It was a Saturday.

Everything I did was a first. First food. First sight. First smell. First touch. First… First… First… The newness was exhilarating. Every day, every moment I found myself amused, inspired, challenged, more playful, more inquisitive. There was more of everything. I heard my mother whispering to us one night, as we were being fed: “You are just starting, and you will love it. Go have a run, kiddo!”

She was right. I did love it. Weeks went by as I played around in the farm. Ah firsts. They are good, aren’t they?

It was then 16th of November, 2014.

The day dawned like any other day, and as an 8 week old ‘cute little ball of fur’ (as my owners would later call me), I was out frolicking. I sighted a tiny orange basket coming my way, and within seconds I found myself being shifted into it. Kaboom.That was that.

I wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with the phone calls my owner received. For another 4 hours, I caught myself wondering what on earth I did to deserve such a punishment. I had to sit on all fours, as a lid enveloped me. I soon gave way to slumber in what was called a Toyota. What else could I do?

Yawn. “Ah. Wait a minute. I am being lowered down. Yay. Does it mean my punishment is over?” I had thought to myself. I was aching to find my farm friends, and play with them. “Ma, you are here, aren’t you?” I whimpered within me. Everything seemed different however. There were new sights, new smell, and new owners.

They were a couple, who had come with a dog expert and a driver. Apparently, their search of finding the right pup ended as soon as I was being mentioned to them by the dog expert. “Of course, who would not want me?!” I chuckled to myself.

As soon as they laid eyes on me, they took me out of my basket, and allowed me to get sense of what was happening around. Ah, breath of fresh air, I liked that. It took a while to gather my steps, as I took the newness within me. A part of me missed the warmth of my good old farm. But my owners were right, dogs do live in the present. I ate a bit, drank a bit, familiarized myself with all that was around.

On the way home!

On the way home!

I could sense they were joyous, and I knew a tale was about to born. My very own tale in the wide world. A world away from the farm that I was brought up in. Perhaps this is what mum was talking about. I snoozed once again in my new master’s lap, as they drove me towards what is to be my forever home.

Until more barks, here is a bit from my first day 🙂


9 thoughts on “Tail Tales: First day and more

  1. Remember visiting Phoebs when she was that little…. she looked like cotton candy ❤ ❤ ❤ If at all she were edible ………. 😛


  2. Wow!! such a cute one… kuchi kuchi… and the video is also very nice one 😀 😀 super n duper too.. though I’ve seen her already still officially she looks awesome 🙂 enjoy enjoy!!


  3. That was interesting Suls….from phoebe’s POV, i think she would have not felt even half of the things u hve mentioned here, she is just pup! but for your satisfaction, lets say she did! 🙂


    • I know you will never fancy dogs as much as you fancy kids… Like how you never fancy animation movies… But you know what your best friend’s pup is your pup, and you have to live with that until end of life 😀 *evil laughter*


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