Prison Break Review: On its spiritual angle!

I was watching Prison Break recently, and when Dr. Sara, the protagonist’s girl friend, leaves the Prison’s infirmary door open for Michael Scofield (the protagonist) to escape with his brother, it got me thinking.

prison break!

What would I do if I were in that place? When we love someone so dearly, of course we would go any length for them, but would we go all the way, or would questions on dharma (righteousness) come to play? 

I remember my best friend telling me once that she knows I would go any length for her. That I would be there for her, even if she commits a crime.

Would I really?

All these took me back to that day in Dvapara Yuga, when Bhishma pitamahar sat muted, as Mother Draupadi was humiliated in the court of Hastinapur.

Interestingly, in both the Mahabaratha incident and the Prison Break incident love and dharma were not supporting opposite sides. They were part of the same side, but it took a while to see that, or get to that, and many lives were lost in the process.

I have not yet seen Prison Break in its entirety, but to save one innocent guy Lincoln, many people lose their lives, mostly the innocent ones. Was it worth it? 

One would be inclined to say ‘no’ , as saying ‘yes’ sounds rather cold. Again, I have not seen it in its entirety, so I cannot really support the story line, because for all I know the end could be lousy.

In the meantime, I figure, it has to be worth it. After all Lincoln was innocent, and justice needs to prevail, right? 100 other people die, which is rather disturbing, but isn’t it more important to make sure Karma evens out for the antagonists? Okay, forget the antagonist’s Karma, assessing just with the protagonist’s life, it is still worth it. He needs to do what he needs to do, to right his life. To be honest, the importance of means over the ends seems rather dodgy here. However, fascinatingly, I am not sure if the makers of the series intended this, but it falls very much in line to what Mother Radha said to Uddhava about India’s great war. Over to the episode:

Uddhava asked, “I trust Krishna. But everybody in Bharat wonders one thing. If Krishna had so much knowledge and so much power, why didn’t he stop the Mahabharata war?”

“And how would that be better?” Radha replied.

“Well, obviously there would be no destruction, no death. All the people who died would still be with us. Things would be much more happy than gloomy.”

“Uddhava, had Mahabharata war been avoided, by today may be there were less deaths. But there would be a lot more desire to kill. May be today less destruction, but there would still be violent minds.”

“Krishna did exactly what he should have done.” Radha continued. “He separated people who wanted war from people who wanted peace. So warriors could express themselves, and so could Rishis and peasants. Had it not been this way, everybody would be miserable today.”

(This is an excerpt from a post I loved, if interested, read more here)

Didn’t you just love reading that?

That little paradoxical irony is what life is all about if we think about it.

Coming back to the question – yes, so many people died, but aren’t we letting more evil prevail otherwise? Perhaps, that is why Michael and Sara have to be on the run again, as they were not there to get Presidential pardon for Lincoln. That would still let the evil prevail. They are there to uproot it in its entirety.

Would they?

I do not know yet, but truly as Phyllis Krystal once said in her ‘Cutting the Ties’ book, sometimes what we see from down here is a clutter, a mess, that makes us question the grand scheme of things. Hopefully, reminding ourselves time and again that we are at the wrong side of tapestry to judge the cosmic art would be a good start.

As for Prison Break, Micheal and Sara truly seem to be in such a needless mess, but hey when is love just all laughter and sunshine?

As for me, I am still learning my lessons in love, spontaneity and going beyond. When I get there, I shall let you know. In the meantime, let me finish watching Prison Break 😀

Have an awesome new year folks!



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