Pati, Patni, Aur Parampurush: A Musical


Gana lola Sai, and so we hail Him, our beloved Guru, who loved sangeertans of all kinds. Unlike many Sai devotees/students, for the life of me, I cannot sing, though I enjoyed listening to ’em.

When I realised my guru is going to get me married, I came up with a lot of conditional clauses, thinking too much clauses will change His mind.

Bah. What was I thinking?

Not only did the mischief maker got me married, He met all of my conditions. One among them were: if I were to get married, I must marry a singer.

I should have known that I was giving the dare to my guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba – who as a young toddler raised His little finger towards the sky, and stopped the rain for a devotee’s sake – who spotted my father rooms away, despite the looming darkness of the twilight sky, during the inauguration of the Anantapur campus – who sweetly pampered His daughter’s birthday wish, while letting her know He is always privy to her conversations with Sai…

Today, I am a Parti resident, a wife to a fellow student/Radio Sai employee, who also sings.

In His inimitable style, He lets us know time and again that little things or not, if it matters to us, it matters to Him. ❤

That is why, whenever I listen to this playlist, a smile never escapes me…  To that benign macro planner, I offer this playlist. Come Sai, take a seat, let’s listen to the husband sing 🙂

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