The affair that lasted the longest!

33 more days to go.

27th October, 2014 marks 7 years of blogging affair.

In these 7 years, I had housed my ramblings at 14 different links. I had trashed posts. Lost contacts. Few good links. Hits. Stats. Likes. Comments. Everything. These 7 years also saw me bid my bye to Blogger, as I shifted to WordPress on 18th April, 2010. The current link is number 9 in WordPress, and number 14 in total, and it has been up and running since November, 2013.


  1. I don’t like to be on constant radar. When that feeling surfaces, I simply delete, and move on.
  2. I like change.

Having said that, I also like the warmth of old things, even as I tread on new pastures. I come back again, because I like to write, and the written word is like a boyfriend that I can’t ever get over. 🙄

Do you know why I like to write?

Writing to me is like meditation – a love affair – a scaffolding that aids in my build, my growth – my company on a lone, solitary evening. I like the quietness of the hour, as I tap away, hearing nothing but the raindrops that are splattering across my window. Writing is that deep breath of rejuvenation. My happy place.

I was 20, when I decided to experiment blogging. I wrote for the heck of it. I am 27 today, when I know blogging/writing is my way of life.

I have not fervently followed blogs, or updated blogs either. When I had so much to say, learn, understand, interpret, introspect, or even rant and ramble – this was my ‘go to’ place. The line from the diary of Anne Frank seems to ring in my ears, even as I write this: “Paper seems to have more patience than people.”

True that.

pic courtesy cupid speaks

If nothing, this has at least been a journey of self discovery. My likes and dislikes. Who I am? What do I cherish? What do I repel? How wondrous an entity silence is, and  joyful an experience it is to write! Seriously, at this time and age, when most of us seek instant gratification, who has the time to sit and talk, hold you by the hand, or look you in the eye? We are busy taking photographs for our social media profiles. There is so much noise and superfluity, and one aches for silence and depth in our everyday life.

The sound of laughter, the tippy tappy drizzle noises, the bark of a dog, the gushing stream water, the voice of your loved one. They all seem not so far fetching at writer’s desk.

That is why I hope to dwell here for a long, long time. A place. MY place. In here: every written word is a sonnet, every rant is listened to, every introspection is assimilated, and every post is a learning – of how to be, or not be.

Come. Visit me, whenever you feel like. I will always usher you home.


A blogger.

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