Letter 25: To the person I know that is going through the worst of times!

Hello there,

Shall I sit next to you for a while?

Together we could stare in the oblivion. I promise not to ask a thing, if all you need is my silence. I am not here to whisper my ideas into your head, I am just here to be with you. Whoever you are, as you face life’s battle.

I know all of us have our own journeys. Sometimes there are surprises, at other times uncertainities. We don’t need advice most of the times, we just need love, support, and acceptance, of who we are, and the things we do in our lives.

Coming to think of it – worry, as we know, has become such a commonplace word that not until we come face to face with the brevity of human life, do we realise that there are so many things to be grateful for. When a bigger devastation comes crashing to the floor, we realise how better off we had earlier been. Not that all worries are pointless. But even as I type this letter, I know that a gratitude challenge is going on in Facebook, to give our ThankYous to things/people in our lives. In a way, these gratitude challenges, and ice bucket challenges, or even letter writing challenges help us make peace with our lives. Don’t you think?

Mind is definitely a trickster, it does not always allow us to focus on the good things in our lives, if it did, we would have all still had a Robin Williams.

Seriously, if a man like Robin Williams could leave the world as he did, you never know what irksome paranoia or bipolar disorder or depression or just those everyday stress (which are a bummer on its own), our friends and family are going through. Or what you could be going through, my dear reader?

Life is not always easy. We live in a fast paced world, where things happen at the click of a button. We need instant gratification, and sprightly faces in our social media profiles. Our problems are myriad. A pink slip can suddenly come flying into our cubicle. There is job insecurity. Then there are job dissatisfaction.

There are baby troubles. Abortions.

Relationship blues. Divorces. Break-ups. Long dead marriages.

Illness. Dementia. Brain tumor.

Money trouble. Loan repayment that pairs up with inflation.


People die. Kids die. Someone who is right there with us today, might not live to see the light of tomorrow. Their scent, their voice, their smile, their dreams. All of it could just become a memory, in the snap of a finger.

So we need all the love and support that we could get. None of us are life gurus. We walk our walk. Uniquely.

As we stutter through our poetry, stumble in our lanes, or stop in our tracks, we need to just pause, pat ourselves, and know that we are loved.

Here is why.

It might not give you the solution to your problem, but it might help you  as you go about seeking it. As Dumbledore says, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

They could do a trick or two, in healing inaccessible corners, without us being aware of it.

Go on then read that post. Uh wait! Give me a hug.

Okay, now you go. Tata and be well!



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