Letter 22: To the someone I want to give a second chance to!

Dear people of the world,

Ask someone who lost a limb in a hit and run accident, ask the ghostly remains of a suicider, ask a childless parent, or a fatherless child, ask a widower or a divorcee, ask a kid who lost a scholarship, and thereby his chances to study, ask the ones who are terminally ill, ask the ones who missed their opportunity to say a yes or no, when it counted, most of all, lets ask ourselves: ‘Would we have done/said something differently, if we get a second chance?’

More often than not, we would get an affirmation for an answer. That’s life, we learn from mistakes, either others, or our own. We learn most from them, than we learn from anything else.

As much enticing this super power sounds, it is still a power that we cannot lay hands on. What is lost is lost, and no amount of ‘what ifs’ will ever take us even to the doorstep of ‘what could have been’.  If we don’t want to end up feeling debilitated, and if we want to live in the now, this is it.

No prince in shining white armour, or fairest maiden in town, no wolverine, or Hancock is going to change things for you. Not even Mr. God. It is up to you.

pic courtesy nikaslittlesecret.wordpress

Can you change it NOW?

Yes? Then change it.

No? Then ACCEPT what IS. That’s really all you can do, for your own good.

Its going to be HARD, but that is why we have people we like, hobbies we love, music to soothe, and even if you think you have none of it, you still have a LIFE. A life that is YOURS. What you make of it will either be an inspiration, or a lesson to everyone around. You see, whichever way it heads, you are still useful. People NEED to take notice of you and your life. There in lies the beauty of our uniqueness! Pretty fabulous, don’t you think?

So baby, just go out there in the world, and be the ‘fab’ you that you alone are ❤


A fellow fab!

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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