Letter 19: To the someone that pesters my mind good or bad!

Dear Thoughts,

Do you know your existence is such a sham?

You are not meant to be, but you are. What is meant to be is thoughtlessness, but you were born erroneously, and you still continue to exist over generations. Result: We bond over multiple layers now.

No, strike that! Maybe I shouldn’t call your birth erroneous, for you are doing exactly what you are meant to. That means, I should instead congratulate you, for pulling out such a spectacular feat. 

As I approached you for this rendezvous, I was about to ask, “You are like a parasite, but even they have a purpose in the ecosystem, what about you?”

Spirituality. ‘Tis a beauty, that!

For moments later, it dawned on me that you are living your purpose rather well. Bravo, thoughts!

See, it has even helped me look at you in good light.

Of course you do pester my mind – good/bad!

Undoing that is my job, and I will get at it. For now though, I will learn all the goodness from you: your tireless talent to envelop us in your imagery, your perseverance, your sense of discipline, dedication to your purpose, perfectionism. Wah! What mastery! A mastery that has made the slave, a king!

Respect is what I have for you today. Thank you for the learning you gave me through this letter. Two things though: You are seeking power, while the ‘I’ that I am seeks ‘love’, and so I know what will win.

Secondly, when I took this 30 day challenge, I really didn’t think through. I savored whatever you had to say, as few difficult topics came up. But you know what, even as you embrace me, spirituality has me by the hook. It doesn’t allow me to wallow myself in the drudgery of the world. Wait! Let me rephrase that: “its seeming drudgery”. Did you see that? Even as you trick me to a pattern, the voice within says, “seeming”.

So despite you doing a good job with my human mind, by classifying the 30 day letter challenge as a needless conundrum, the Universe saw in it an opportunity that will help me find my answers.

It’s a beautiful world, is it not, and even if you are a sham, you are a hard-working sham. And I will seek to see the light and beauty behind everything.

The great headmaster of Hogwarts once said, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” [I am sorry Rowling, I am not going to use ‘deserve’, because I think everyone and everything deserves. The more undeserved they seem, the more away they are from love! Don’t you think?] On those lines, I didn’t even know I would address this to you after I typed in the title. I jokingly told C, I will address this to him. The universe has its unique way of revealing to us, what we need, at the opportune moment, and here you are reading my letter!

As more gratitude flows through me, I know I will continue to seek answers. Thank you thoughts.

Humbled and excited,


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