Letter 14: To the someone I’ve drifted away from!

Dear driftee/s,

How are you? I hope you are well.

It’s funny. The topic I mean. To write to people/things that we drift away from.

If you ask me, I think drifting is a way of life. Drifting. Changing. Evolving. To something good, or better. If I am what I was yesterday, living as a term becomes redundant. I am constantly learning, constantly changing – in my persona, in my roles, in my understanding of life and love, in everything.

I need to, so do all of us. That’s the beauty of life.

The richness of experience – the ambiguity of what lies ahead – the ephemeral myriad complexities that deter us from knowing what we truly are – our ability to hold on, and to let go, and the conundrums we face to differentiate the two – the mistakes we make, and the ones we don’t – to laugh in the face of adversity, and to cry in a tryst with jubilation – to be wise and make a fool of oneself – to be ignorant and garb oneself as wise – to write, drink and eat as if there are no tomorrows, yet deeply love and hope in the light of the coming dawn. Isn’t that what we all do?

So yes, I have drifted away too, from things and people – by choice or by chance – which have either been knotty or straight-forward – obligatory by principle or incidental to life.

Sometimes I might have moved on, sometimes you. Don’t be hurt, my friend, I will try not to be too.

We are all fighting one same battle. Our paths are different, our baggage is different, our understanding is different too.  But some day we will unite again.

Until then, have faith.


A minuscule part of the one whole ❤

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