A for Anthem: From a world patriot!

Indian Independence day had just been celebrated yesterday.

If you ask me, I am not really a patriot per se, because I strongly feel for love and oneness. I keep away from all kinds of tags. I don’t know why, that’s just me.

I don’t want father or motherlands. I don’t want religions. I don’t want anything that will pull us away in different directions. Anything that lets few people to be on each other’s hair.

What I want is that kind of feeling/vibrations/energy, whatever you may call it – that allows us to feel for one another – like they are our own. And not get masked under the differences that rule the world.

A 6 year old getting raped in Bangalore, India –  innocent families dying in Gaza – the shooting incidents that never seem to stop in US schools – a maid coming home, and saying she has no money for her daughter’s wedding – seeing a Youtube video of a small kid crying over losing his balloon – listening to a fellow sister, who is trying to follow the dots – plane crashes – a 12 year old girl tugging at my dress, thanking for the meal – a friend in need of money – a family in need of change – the lizard that died – even the ones who molest and kill – everything moves me.

How much further we all need to travel to find a love that will change our lives?!

Even as I was thinking on those lines, I saw the below video this morning, and I was moved. The vibrations of the video got me teary eyed. The footage made me ‘feel’ the ‘spirit’ that we all need so much. It was not much about the context, what it was merely about, but the place from where it came. A  place of love, laughter, innocence and hope. Wanting to make a tryst with the wisdom of the world. Things that the old could offer the young, and the beautiful change that the young could bring into this world. This is the kind of independence that the world needs today. Independence from the disgraces that happen each day.

Come, lets love the world together, as world patriots ❤


4 thoughts on “A for Anthem: From a world patriot!

  1. That was a beautiful post babe! I finally understand where you come from (even though I don’t agree :-)) when you say you don’t believe in patriotism…..This post in itself had such an open hearted spirit toward the entire world, I think thats the kind of love all of us should aspire to have!

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    • Ha ha… Yes, we talked about it yesterday, didn’t we? So yeah that should surely let you know from where I come 🙂

      To that kind of spirited love, indeed! Muah.


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