Letter 6: To a stranger!

Dear stranger reading this blog,

How are you? Are you well? 🙂

These are busy times, you know, where most of us don’t even have time to sweat things out, or speak to our closest kins. Today, for now though, indulge me. Indulge yourself. Take a break. Relax yourself.

Tell me what you are thinking. Tell me about your hopes and dreams. Tell me about yourself. What is it that keeps you alive and kicking? What is it that makes you give away your million dollar smile?

I am right here, to lend my ear.

Have you had time off late, to do the things that please you the most? If not, do them now, or do them soon. We all deserve it you know: those everyday laughters, a ‘my time’, vacation, some music to dance or rhyme, a killer movie and some boisterous friends.

They keep us sane and solid.

If all things are dancing to your stride, then keep at it. ❤ If not, don’t fret, nobody ever has things figured from day one. Even if very few do, you don’t let that eat you up. We are what we are – as beautiful and kind as any other. Our journey is unique, and what we offer to the world can never be matched by what any one else has to offer.

Like I said in my earlier post:

Our courage, our queer laughter, our ability to stay awake as we listen to a late night friend’s rant, our random acts of kindness – all of these alone don’t make us ‘US’ – our idiosyncrasies, our fears, our failures, the quest for unknown – all of this – and much more make us ‘US’. Go. Celebrate. Live. Call a loved one. Drop by with some flowers. Spread your love, the hungry world needs it! And you know you need it too 🙂


With lots of love,

A fellow stranger.

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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