Himalayas – Final Part!

Post the Khuliya Trek, the troupe decided to take a time off, rest, and roam around Munsiyari streets. We had more hours of bus journey in store, and everyone leapt at the possibility of a time off. It was a much needed break, and we breathed in the local beauty, felt contented either with evening walks, or inertia. 😀

Next stop – visiting Patal Bhuvaneswar:

PB has such rich stories, and aptly so, for it offers the kind of vibrations that makes you feel quite centred on the mystic energies. All those stories aside, personally, it was not just a spiritual time travel into those mythological times, but also one of adventure if I come to think about it. The novel way of entering this limestone cave temple is sure to leave the kind of an impression that spiritual exploration could be as exciting as any of our other 21st century promises.

The rocky formations, either through the stalactites and stalagmites were mind blowing. Depictions were numerous too – of Seshnath, Iravath with its 100 feet, Kalpavriksh, Amrith, different lingas, the trinities, ganges along with the 33 crore devas – were but a few of what we saw. There were caves of Lord Hanuman, Sage Markendaya, and the 4 doors namely Randwar, Paapdwar, Mokshadwar and Dharmadwar were also a prominent feature of this spectacular cave. There were exit points to Kailash, and also the ones taken by the mighty Pandavas, as they journeyed to Himalayas. The complexity was quite humbling, if you ask me. How they had structured in all the key aspects that make our history a ‘Sanatana Dharma’ was beyond me.

I have heard that many people have been blessed with many cosmic sights and insights at this place. Even as we resolve to ascend to such spiritual heights, for those of us in the journey, PB could still be a wondrous place to set our foot in. For sometimes, all we need to touch base is a high powered spiritual centre, and Patal Bhuvaneswar could just be your thing 🙂 That is what fascinates me even more. The architectural finesse is only an add on.

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Here is a link for those of you who are keen to know more about PB – http://www.saicast.org/documentaries/secretcave.html

The final few stops:

The last two days had us visiting a shakthi peet at Gangolighat, followed by Jageshwar, and Naina Devi temple. A fever bug bit me by then, and I couldn’t really take in as much as I would have liked in these visits.

However, as with everything, what awaited me there was those vibrations which always tend to take me to a high. I loved the sights around each of these shrines, and the rudram chants. The calming, pleasant 10-minute boat ride towards Naina Devi temple seemed too perfect an end for this Himalayan trip.

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Here are some snaps of the beautiful waters:

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There is something about this universal element – water – despite the different form it takes, the beauty of what it is, shines forth. Likewise, the Naina lake through its stillness helped us reflect our own stillness in the form of unruffled peace. Its a blessing to be around them, the waters, and see ourselves for what we are – the Sat – Chit – Ananda! ❤ (even if momentarily)

To end with a personal note, there were lots of lessons and equal pleasures, during this trip. Most importantly, I learnt that if we truly yearn for something, it has its own way of reaching us. I also learnt that fear is quite subjective a term, and even with a morbid fear of heights, I did manage to trek hills. And like RaviKumar Sir said,”There is definitely life even before 5 o clock.” Just because we don’t get up at so early an hour, doesn’t mean nobody else does. 😀

As for Mr. God, He is not bothered with the 99 things you and I have given up, but that one thing we are still holding on to. For all we know that could be the one thing that keeps us away from what we are meant to be. To finding our inner God!


And to finding Himalayan inspiration in our everyday life! 🙂

Peace out!


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