Letter 1: To my best friend!

Dearest of them all ❤

Do you know I had just entered a 30 day challenge of letters? Creme de la creme of the whole deal is, I get to write to you first. How much awesomer can this get?!! 🙂

I decided though that I won’t flash your name when I write this, or any names in my subsequent posts. Do you think it is because we get more secretive over age, or because certain things are that much worth treasuring? I don’t know. It’s a bit of both I guess. Whatever be the reason, I am sure you will have a good time knocking yourself out, after you  read this.

Will I hear you say, “Could this be me?” Or will you go all charlatan, and just mumble, “I know it’s me, bugger!”


Anyway, I have started loving the whole ‘being mysterious’ thing. I don’t know how long that will last, for now I am fancying this invisibility cloak. I mean, even Harry Potter needed one to fulfill his destiny. You never know, this might just be the thing for me.

Do I hear you whisper, “All right. I get it. Move on. I can’t wait to know what else you have got to say”?

Well, you know me. You know us. Even utter trash goes on for hours.

There is something about these pointless talks, staring in the oblivion without doing anything, being silent together. These are the things that we can do with the ones we are closest too. We can talk dirty, strip naked, or make an absolute fool of oneself. We can get bankrupt. Do some unpardonable sin. None of these, I know, not even one of these will take us apart. There is no disdain. Just love.

Beautiful, is it not?!! ❤

Like I said in one of my earlier posts, none of us, I mean, not one of us, really know life. We just take our strides as it comes. Shit, almost always happens, but the comforting thought that we have each other to take us through it, not only restores my sanity, but fills me with such liberating calmness.


Darn! I have gotten way too philosophical, haven’t I?

That’s why we have our own humour filled stories to change the mood.

Oh! How I love ’em. They are a rhapsody of its own. The ones we gawked at, or fancied gawking. The times when we created utter chaos, yet found reasons to laugh about it. Everyday frivolities. Speaking about our own selves in earlier times. If nothing, I can think about your laughter, and even that will be enough. That is you to me. A package. You have seen the gibberish me. The enlightened me. My good, bad and ugly days. My best. My worst.

If on a cold winter night, I knock your door, with nothing to say, you will invite me with an embrace that knows it all. ❤keep-calm-we-re-best-friends

You are my morning joy.

You are my midnight’s rest.

You are my cold chocolate shake, on a dry summer day.

Sunshine. Laughter.

Clear blue sky. Bring you to me.

So does everyday rubble, chaos and poetry.

You are:

My one song for every symphony.

My never ending tale. My respite. My work.

Everyday conundrum might play about.

Drawing its veil in vain attempts.

Seemingly parting us.

But as with every veil, ours too will part.

When it does, I will sing to the moon –

Our silent promise.

And it will sing it back to you!

With much love for you until the end of time,

SB (Muah!)


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