Why spirituality is the new age best thing?

We are a generation that questions everything.

We will keep at it until we get the right answer/(s). We have questions on war and violence, rapes and castration, the use of euthanasia, homosexuality, corruption. There are also other questions on a personal level – as we deal with illness, the loss of a loved one, abuses that lead to depression, not having enough money, of career choices, on finding our special someone, on beliefs.

Questions? Questions! Questions.

We need answers. Sometimes finding them can be a gruelling, long process, yet our fascination, our desperation, our quest never stops.

I have had my shares of questions too, and I still have them. 🙂

The only medium, in my personal experience, which has appeased me, given me reasons to hope, and filled me with a sense of overwhelming freeness, has been SPIRITUALITY.


Its vistas are such. There are no distinctions, or differences whatsoever. We are one. Literally. Truly. From there it starts. ❤

I just love that. For that is how I stem my beliefs.

In the last few weeks, I have had one of my biggest questions answered, and it really gave me a sense of overwhelming freeness.

I am not much of a disciplined sadhaka. In my credit I have nothing, but earnestness to have that understanding. Invariably, whether or not I crack His code, He sends the answer in few ways. Those re-affirmations are such joy, and I had one of those last week too. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I believe that if we truly yearn for something, the universe will help us receive it. And I did 🙂

A year or two back, one of my friends, gave me one of Jaggi Vasudev‘s books, wherein he answers to everyday questions of his followers. I never read that book. I instead wondered why my guru, never did that. There are so many burning questions in the present day world – The world needed answers. The world needed to know how to live, what was right. “Why didn’t you Swami”, I had asked.

My guru embraced everything, and I had not once seen any distinctions, yet I presumed and parroted like the world – that there existed right and wrong – that there existed duality.

Couple of weeks back, my husband and I were deeply introspecting and talking about few world issues, and its spiritual connotations. I happened to mention the above to him, and he shared one of my guru’s discourses with me. In it, I had found my answer.

“Blimey!” I had thought. “Here I was labouring for years just to receive this answer, and now it was mine.”

I got the same answer again, this past Thursday through a spiritual healer, Mr. Natesh Shetty, when my husband interviewed him in his radio show.

If you have read my posts ‘Do we know what it is to really forgive’, and The difficulty of being right‘, you will know that I am one of those, who constantly classifies things as right and wrong, and I try my best to do what is right. I fail of course miserably, a lot, but the RIGHTNESS seemed important.

This post will now give it a perfect finishing touch.

This will also answer one of my friends, who pinged me after reading the ‘forgiveness’ post. She said, “That doesn’t seem doable, my logic cannot get around to it.” I told her, “Yes it is difficult – might even seem unreasonable, but that’s the answer.” We cannot fight faith, we can only embrace it, and it will give us the clarity. And it did 🙂

I will directly jump now to Brother Natesh Shetty’s words, cos he nails it right on the head:

He says our classification of good and bad doesn’t exist beyond human mind, while Karma functions at a level that is beyond the human mind. At that level, there is no judgement. Everything is just an experience as meant to be – perfect.

That was my answer too: My guru never fixated so much on what is good and bad, because nothing is really right or wrong. The rightness and wrongness are but perceptions of the frail human mind. To Him, it is all just pure, unconditional love. He is love. We are love. How can a love like that judge us? It simply doesn’t. 🙂

This is a larger than life message, which explains the concept of ‘reflection – reaction – resound’ on a finer level. Sometimes, we need more than just words to help us absorb it. However, I suggest you listen to Brother Natesh’s interview, for he details so adeptly the working of these seeming abstract rules.

If you wish to listen to the full 1.5 hour Radio Sai interview with Mr. Natesh, you could listen online, or download. The deeper bits start at about 26 minutes.

More on Natesh Shetty’s interview:

Brother Natesh says hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness, and that each of us, everyday, experience hypnosis in those moments just before we wake up, where we are alert, and get conscious of the surrounding sounds, our thoughts, etc.

On Karma: From Facebook fun posts to SITCOM dialogues, karma is under constant radar, and we dabble so much on the good and bad karmas. Certain candid and deep insights of Mr. Shetty will appease our human mind and offer much comfort.

(Audio excerpt on Karma)

Apart from that, he speaks on past life regression and explains how one act could impact us on a larger level, across births. How it could determine our soul level decision, and that not everything is meant to be healed, few need to be experienced.

(Audio excerpt on past life regression)

I think this falls in line with the book ‘Your soul’s plan. I have only breezed through the book, wherein the author says that every soul makes a detailed plan on all the experiences it has to go through in the lifetime before it is born. It even plans things like who will be its parents, spouse etc. Something similar to what Brother Natesh tells us in his interview. So what we see as good/bad are but pre-planned incidents for our own learning.

Excerpts: The author says, “…The more traumatic our challenges, the more difficult the concept may be…”

Yeah. No doubting that! 😕

“…You need only ask, “What if? What if I really did plan this experience before I was born? Why might I have done that?” Simply asking these questions gives new meaning to life challenges and launches a journey of self-discovery. That journey demands no particular beliefs regarding spirituality or metaphysics, only an interest in personal growth and the acquisition of wisdom…”

“…While we are in our physical bodies, our souls communicate with us through feelings. Feelings like joy, peace, and excitement indicate we are acting and thinking in ways that are consistent with our true nature as loving souls. Feelings like fear and doubt suggest we are not. Our bodies are exquisitely sensitive receivers (and transmitters) of energy that tell us through feeling whether there is a match or a mismatch between who we really are and the ways in which we are currently expressing ourselves…”

Living the spiritual way

Living the spiritual way

Coming back to the interview, he says:

How we are here to create a sense of balance, meaning even accumulating good karma might mean rebirth. This balance, he says, is also achieved when people send in their energies. He covers a bit on gratitude here. How gratitude is a high energy frequency, and is closer to unconditional love, as this emotion too looks beyond imperfections. The fact that it pays back in ways than I cannot even imagine just blew my mind.

(Audio excerpt on gratitude)

He also speaks about music therapy, the kinds of music, and how each type vibrates at a different state. Then on Phyllis Krystal – on being non-judgemental, and how consciously practising it would be a good enough first step – on how even indirect misuse of money could affect us, because of our energy investment – on imprints that we carry through lifetimes, and how healing and awareness could help us – and a few other things.

(Audio excerpt on being non-judgemental)

(Audio excerpt on Karma and Money)

He ends the talk by saying, how working on the one statement of Sai Baba, “Be happy” has helped him be on this path of pursuing happiness constantly . Even if it is more of a life-long quest, as a healer, he gets to achieve that, and thereby help in spreading happiness. And I will salute to that!

It was a beautiful interview that would speak to us on a lot of levels. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Here’s to finding more meaning and answers as we journey through life! ❤

“Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu”

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