Himalayas – Part 6 – Trekking Khuliya top

Day 6 had only one thing on our list: to trek the Khuliya top.

KT is one of the main attraction points at Munsiyari, Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of 11,500 feet, this 14km trek seemed humongous, yet exciting.

Post our trek to Mahavatara Babaji cave the other day, elders were requested to not join the trek, and few others also dropped out. So at about 6AM, 20 to 25 of us hopped into the bus, and I realised Pooja and I were the only girls in the lot.

“So you think we will do this?” I asked her.

“Well, we can try” she replied with a smile.

All geared up :)

All geared up 🙂

We then stopped for a mini breakfast, and by 6.30, we were at the gates.

“Whew! And it begins!” I said to myself.

I have trekked earlier, but KT by far would be the longest ever for me. Was a love for Nature, adventure and photography enough, or did testosterone matter? Would it be an impossible feat, as many gave up? We debated on the mind debacle for a minutes, but then I ended up saying, “Okay fine. Let’s do this.”

It took us 3.5 hours to reach the top, and another 2 hours to descend. There were times when I went ahead, there were times when I lagged, and there were times when all of us rested together.

***The beautiful khuliya***

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There were few who climbed as a group, few others found joy in their solitude, while few others in music. When we crossed paths – we clicked – laughed – shared a joke. A few of them waited for us, while we waited for a few others. A few others dropped out.

All in all, it was an exhilarating trek. 🙂


What to say of the visual treat!!!

From snow clad peaks to leafless trees, from the look alike of whomping willow to insectivorous, slimy plants, from green, bright meadows to arid and dried water pits, we saw everything. (Speaking of green, I always love how much shades of it are there in the world around us. However, I am one of those who cannot distinguish finer shades, like how women are usually expected to.  Does this pic ring a bell?



That’s me, but I am the one in the right :P)

Anyway, I remember walking through the lush green meadows, and I immediately started dreaming about my yonder giridhari. I said to myself, “Isn’t this where He would have taken the cows for a hearty meal, my dearest cowherd Krishna?!”

I don’t know if it was the pleasantness of the air, or the enchanting views that triggered the thought, but there is surely something about meadows that makes one romanticize.

I then thought, “…but where are your cows, Krishna? I can’t seem to spot any.”

The master madhusudan must have heard my heart’s whisper, for very soon he gladdened my heart with this sight ❤

The one and only place where I spotted cow grazing!

The one and only place where I spotted cow grazing!



At this point, I must tell you about my husband, he is a fitness freak, and a big fan of Tony Horton. There might even be days, when there is no music in the house, but the voice of Tony Horton would resound through the morning air, every single day. However, the husband that he is, he didn’t march ahead with his guy pals. We trekked together, and he slowed down just for me, but there were times, when I had to slow down for him.

Why? I saw him for the biology lover that he was, as he looked intently at all weird looking plants and gave each of them – names! Here are a few of his clicks 😀

Sometimes he was so much into the sights around, that he didn’t really see where he was stepping on, and slipped twice. I had to tell him, “Dude! You are holding my hands. You might not mind slipping, but do your pati-dharma.”

[What also accompanied us apart from the chirping of birds, was the constant sound of crunchy dried leaves as we stepped over them. I would have loved a dramatic version of flowers falling over us, as we trekked, but had to satiate myself with just this. At certain places, the dried leaves and the moistness of the rocks made it difficult for us to have a firm footing. That is why the distracted mind of my husband didn’t help. He laughed and drove me nuts, but I guess that was part of the fun 😀 ]

Someday I will get to be the irresponsible one, and I will pay him back with my sinister laughter 😉


And we did it:

Everything has to end, even all big, scary things, and so did the 7km ascend. Wah! I felt awesome.

We played with the small stretch of snow that invited us at the top, and the guys had a good time throwing snow, or eating them. We spent a good one hour, breathing in the beauty that was around. The guys gave me an applause, as the only girl in the lot had made it along with them. I smiled awkwardly at the attention that I got. 😀 We then distracted ourselves to spot Panchachuli.

Few meditated, few clicked, few had their lunch, few posed with the Trishul that was on the topmost point of the hill: each of us had come to the same spot, yet each of us related to the place in different ways, and did our different things. 

Soon the guide who accompanied us said, it would be better for us to leave, as any time after 12, it could rain. The ones who trekked the day before had to abort theirs, but we were lucky in our ascend. Likewise, we trekked back. A few of us reached our buses well on time, while few others had their share of rain gala.

All in all, it was a much satisfying day! 🙂


The trek as such spoke to me on a lot of levels, and I learnt that treks are like life lessons.

Over to them:

* There will always be people who can climb better than you, but that shouldn’t let you give up on yourself. Embrace the unique you. ❤

Embrace the unique you!

Embrace the unique you!

*There will be disarrayed, slippery paths now and then, but there will also be someone to lend you their hand. Believe in the goodness of the world. 

Believe in the good world!

Believe in the good world!

*If there aren’t any around, and you trip, you will still find that spark within you that says, “Come on. Get up! You can do this!” Learn to listen to your heart.

The heart never lies!

The heart never lies!

*There will always be journeys that are arduous and long. Don’t try to cover the stretch at one go. Take a break, share a laugh, enjoy the beauty. The beginnings and the ends are only as great the journey itself.

*Our bodies always show signals, when we go over the line. Respect the signs.

Taking a breather always helps!

Taking a breather always helps!

Most of all –

*What matters is NOT what we know of ourselves, what lays ahead, how much time it will take, or if we will even make it through –  BUT the willingness we show to live, dare, learn and experiment when we come face to face with life’s uncertainties. 

That final climb!

That final climb!

For our lives are worth living!

With love,


[If you would like to know more about trekking Khuliya, this link should be helpful: http://www.indiahikes.in/himalayan-treks/himalayan-treks/khuliya-top/]

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