In the battle of God vs. People!

One of my Sai friends recently raised a pertinent question – Is there someone you trust with your innermost thoughts without fear of judgement, other than Sathya Sai Baba? – and asked me to blog about it.

The dynamics of people in the Sai fold are not much different: if anything happens – good / bad – we go to SWAMI. Period. That has always been our fulcrum.

So this question reminded me of 2 things:

1. I was watching a fantasy drama yesterday, and the woman on screen asks, “How are you able to live with yourself after doing so many bad things?”

The guy replies, “If you keep on saying to yourself you did it all for a good purpose… There comes a point when you actually start believing in it, and that’s what I did.”

I laughed at the ironical usage of power of thoughts.

2. Have you guys seen the much popular video of Arvind Balasubramanya, in which, all of us were enthralled by ‘When Swami says its cut, its cut’ scene?

If not, here you go:

Our answer, to this gem of a question, is a fine-line corollary to that fantasy drama dialogue, and this Arjun-Krishna dialogue.


The latter beautifully drove home the point that whatever He says will be the truth, not only because it is the truth, but also because He can will it to be true. While the former simply revalidates the power of thoughts, though not in a very good way.

How could these two seemingly unrelated things give us our answer? Well, let’s let Him unfold the drama, shall we?

Bhagwan says:

  • He is God
  • He is our guru – our mother – our father.
  • Only God’s love is unconditional. Only God is your best friend. Trust only in God
  • Manayeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh

He further encapsulates the need for detachment. So on and so forth.

Now, if we ask any Saiyans, including me – SAI BABA will ultimately be the Mother, Father, Guru, God, Lover, Best Friend, yada, yada… Right?

Sai - our all!

Sai – our all!

Are we just parroting any of this?

Of course not. Why?

Because we truly believe that our lives are intertwined with His. We ardently seek Him out for everything, and most of all, we do not imagine our lives without Him.

On that score, we have heard several experiences like – how I loved/trusted someone to be my best friend, and then I was disappointed. I realised how attachment to God is the only antidote, how only God is unconditional. He alone is my best friend. I have decided to be detached.

All of us have read/heard such stories, possibly even let our eyes turn moist at the devotion/transformation.

The tricky part of spirituality, I believe, are these interpretational errors.

My father used to say we have all these religional cynicism today because most of us took (take) His words at face value.

Krishna says, “thadatmanam srijamyaham”

Jesus says, “I and my father are one”

Quran says, “He is God, the one and only”

I am sure Siva said something too. The followers of each of these group concretise the ‘I’ in all of this, and they say only that form is God (or the formless in case of Islam).

Centuries later, dichotomy still exists.


Interpretational errors.

Then or now – I is an illusion – the form is an illusion. Why would that change now? The same rule still applies. If Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said – only God’s love is unconditional. Only God is your best friend. Trust only in God. And that He is God.

Of course it is the truth, but He most certainly meant something more than His 5 foot frame. Right?

Just think about it – if love, trust, and divinity are only to be found in these venerated forms of Allah, Jesus, Krishna, and Sai – why are you and me here today?

We are love. We are God. We are trust ourselves. 

We just need to know it, as they know it. We are not there yet, but one day we all surely will. Life is all about evolving ourselves until that beautiful moment.

In the meantime, if we are having a tiff with our friends/family, we cannot guise ourselves under detachment and God madness. Else we are just like that guy in the fantasy drama: we are feeding ourselves the wrong thought.

We are here to work with world, with the people in our lives, and on our love, which should get to that level of unconditionality. If it doesn’t work, it’s a learning. For we are also here to learn. However, there will surely be one or few people, if not many – who will love us just as unconditionally, who will constantly seek to evolve themselves and us, while seeking the higher truth. People with whom we look beyond the body.

You and I might not be 24*7 Gods today, you and I might not be our God self to everyone around, but there will always be moments of divinity.

So if you ask me – if I with my innermost thoughts believe in someone, without fear of judgement, apart from my God of choice – My answer will be: Of course I do. I can’t imagine an otherwise life.

To loving and trusting my fellow brethren! ❤

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