24th April, 2014.

Tomorrow marks the 3rd year of my hero’s Maha Samadhi.


Writing about it in 2011 was hard.

I didn’t have an inkling of an idea back then that TODAY I would look forward to 24th with much joy in my heart. That is perhaps why, I was surprised even a while ago, when a sense of delight embraced my heart, as I talked about Aradhana day’s plan with D.

I looked at Him, and smiled.

Aum Sri Sai Ananda Daya Namah

That’s my lord. He affirms ever so munificently, and waits until we have received the lesson in full. Though the understanding has stayed with me for quite a while, I think the consequential bliss of a well learnt learning happened to surface only today.

His rewards are that way: subtle, yet so fulfilling.

Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Manas Parishodhakaya Namah

Once you pass back the smile, you can be pretty sure there is some new lesson underway. Again all of us have known that too for quite a while: to see the cosmic grandeur of not just Him, but our own selves. What was once understood as a final goal, changed its course, for Sola walks in, gives everything a new perspective, and has shoved the baton in our hands.

Shove, is the word I choose to say, for the KG level pampering and bantering has taken a ride with the wind, and you are left with the Phd papers. 😀 As we keep working on our sadhana horsepower that fails and passes each day anew, days like these that make us smile are indeed His homecoming days! 🙂

To the world that is divine! 🙂

And to my master!

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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