Parti lessons – probably one of the many to come!

It will be 10 years this April, since I visited Parti first.

Now as a resident of Parti – what has changed? Have I taken all of what Parti has to offer me?


Not really.

Atleast not as yet!

They say, the area right beneath the source of light is always the darkest. That’s kinda true. As an outside ashram resident, and an ex-city bird, I can vouch that nothing is different per se. You can do the exact same things here too, atleast most of ‘em.

That, at first, will seem like a sacrilege.

‘Visiting Parti is one thing, while living here is completely another.’

The summer has started, and knowing Parti weather, there is little you can do, or so you will think. The few and far between morning walks take a beating.

Despite the drudgery of seeming mirrored city life (samsaric, if you will), with no beaches to go, you will think it’s all gone for a toss.

I have always loved beaches. They are calming – all encompassing – very reflective and meditative.

As I was mulling over the top notch maya effect in the day to day reverie, even at the hallowed Puttaparthi, the best ever thing happened!

‘Night strolls inside ashram.’

Calming – check.

All encompassing – check.

Reflective and meditative – check.

Beats all other beaches – check.

There is no water that sprawls about infront of you, but the pristine stillness of the place would surely exhilarate you to a plane of completeness. That to me is simple spirituality.

I might have prefixed Parti with holy, everytime I mentioned it, but these two months have taught me one thing. You will not want to wager much on the Shanthi that Puttaparthi can give you, but once you step inside Prashanthi Nilayam, you cannot even begin to count all the things it can offer.

Darkness outside or not, who cares. Just walk about the Prashanthi soil in the eerie silence of the night – you will know what it is to LIVE here.

To living and growing, in the place of my Master.

Happy Ram Navami folks 🙂

May we realise that we ourselves are Ram – we ourselves are Rahim – and that we are all but one!

8 thoughts on “Parti lessons – probably one of the many to come!

  1. Awesome!
    What I feel about Parti is, it’s like the sugarcane machine. You will feel grinded at times but all that comes out is the sweetest juice!


  2. @VC. Very well put bro 🙂

    @Sree. Trust me. You will never know when He will call you, but when He does, prepare for a ride of ur lifetime 😉

    Ty guys:)


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